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30 Aug 2019 - 11:18 AM  UPDATED 30 Aug 2019 - 11:18 AM

K-pop girl group DREAMCATCHER made their Australian debut on Thursday 29 August, 2019, at the Factory Theatre in Sydney, and InSomnia were ready to give them a warm welcome on a dreary rainy evening!

Known for their rock and metal take on Korean pop, DREAMCATCHER's music stands out from the get-go in the current pop landscape. Their powerful dance and charismatic personalities only help boost this, and seeing it all come together live was a joy for new and longtime fans alike!

Here's what we loved seeing live...

1. DREAMCATCHER's unique charm and energy

DREAMCATCHER already have a unique edge thanks to their powerful songs that incorporate guitars and racing drums, and watching them give 100% on stage to those songs was so much fun! You couldn't help but get carried away with them and the energetic vibe.

2. IRL fanchants!

InSomnia didn't come to play in Sydney: they packed the room and it was loud. From shouting out members names in between songs, declarations of love screamed during ments, or throwing out the refrains on songs like "What" and "Chase Me", everyone was united in showing their love to the girls with the biggest voices possible.

3. Solo stages and covers

DREAMCATCHER have plenty of variety in their music, from ballads to power rock jams, but it was fun to watch them flex other talents with their covers and unit stages. From Siyeon and SuA performing Taemin's "Goodbye" to the group's covers of boy group songs from BTS, EXO, MONSTA X, ATEEZ and NCT 127, they showcased the range of their dance skills and looked seriously cool while doing it!

4. Fan service 

How many singers do you see incorporating waving to members of the audience into their dance moves? The girls were clearly excited to be there and made every effort to interact with fans, from throwing hearts and waving to everyone in sight, to grabbing gifts like a bunny headband from the audience. They also took time to speak with the audience, sharing their feelings and even doing a raffle for some special signed merch.

It definitely made the concert feel like an intimate experience among friends.

5. Intense performance that gets you fired up

When they weren't taking short breaks to chat with the audience, they were performing all their best songs. Tracks like "You And I" and "Piri" proved to be huge winners with the audience, with everyone getting energised, jumping up and down and shouting the words in unison. We half expected a moshpit to open up during the finale, that's how powerful DREAMCATCHER's music is!

Were you at DREAMCATCHER's Sydney show? Tell us what you liked most!

By the way, we interviewed DREAMCATCHER and asked them all about their music and live performances. Check it out below!


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