For fans of Taemin, there's so much to explore!
3 Sep 2019 - 11:49 AM  UPDATED 3 Sep 2019 - 11:49 AM

SHINee's youngest member Taemin is a formidable solo force, with huge hits in both Korean and Japanese under his belt.

Recently he achieved his first ever No.1 album on Japan's Oricon chart with his third mini-album Famous, but he's had a string of fantastic Japanese-language releases prior to this that are well worth your time.

Whether you're a Taemin fan, into Japanese pop, or just looking for some catchy tracks to add to your playlists, Taemin's Japanese discography is one of the few from a Korean artist to be as solid as his K-pop work.

Check out our recommendations for must-know Taemin Japanese releases and tell us what you'd at to the list!



3. Sayonara Hitori

4. Into The Rhythm

5. Under My Skin

6. Flame of Love


8. Tease

9. Holy Water

10. What's This Feeling

Do you have a fave Japanese release by Taemin?


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