It's definitely a K-drama that'll make you think
9 Sep 2019 - 9:44 AM  UPDATED 9 Sep 2019 - 9:44 AM

The latest K-drama everyone's talking about is Love Alarm. The show is set in a world where an app can alert you if someone within 10 metres likes you, and needless to say, the app opens up a world of opportunities - both good and bad - for the characters in this story.

It focuses on high schooler Kim Jojo (Kim So Hyun) who has a lot going on in her life, let alone any concerns for love. She becomes the object of two best friends' affection: Hye Young (Jung Ga Ram) and Sun Oh (Song Kang). Love triangles, family drama, young love - it's all here!

Here's some things that'll make you intrigued to watch it too!

1. It's based on a webtoon

So many Korean dramas are based off webtoons because of the inherent drama in the original material, and Love Alarm is no exception. If you're keen on knowing what happens before the second half of the series airs, you could always check it out here!

2. It'll make you question technology

At first it sounds like a great idea; an app that lets people know if they like each other without the fear of confessing and getting rejected. But as the drama portrays, there's a darker side to all that newfound love. What about long-term couples whose alarms don't ring for each other? Or people who never get an alert at all? How connected do we really want to be to tech?

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3. A love triangle that'll tug your heartstrings

This is a classic case of Second Lead Syndrome. Hye Young is the housekeeper's son who lives with Sun Oh, a wealthy boy with a politician father and actress mother. Hye Young has been crushing on Jojo for a long time from a distance, but when Sun Oh swoops in, everything changes. Who will Jojo eventually end up with? Will she even ever know that Hye Young loves her? Add to that some friendship tensions with the guys, and you've got a lot to enjoy in this show.

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4. Kim Jojo is a resilient queen, we stan

Jojo is going through it: she lives with her aunt and cousin, who treat her poorly and constantly remind her that she's indebted to them. She goes to school and works two jobs to get by, having to lie to her friends out of shame. And when she finally does maybe sort of fall for someone (we're trying so hard not to give away anything here!), she becomes the centre of attention at school in a way she never wanted to.

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You'll definitely have some moments of shouting at your screen while watching, but you'll be hoping she wins out against all the people who don't believe in her too.

5. We get to see them in the future too

This isn't just a high school drama although that's where the story begins. We also get glimpses of the future, with the characters having graduated and working jobs. There's only eight episodes out so far, so it gives just enough of a tease to keep you hooked for the rest of the season to come!

Have you watched Love Alarm yet?


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