Park Jimin has the voice of an angel, and you can't tell us otherwise
1 Oct 2019 - 12:25 PM  UPDATED 1 Oct 2019 - 12:25 PM

BTS' Jimin is a multi-talented guy; he's considered to be part of both the vocal and dance line of the group, and his skills are enviable in both.

Over the years we've watched him grow into a confident and powerful vocalist who can hit the high notes like few others. Whether he's harmonising with members on BTS tracks or shining on his own on solo releases, there's no denying Jimin's vocal talents.

Here's just some of the moments that make us love Jimin's vocals!


His first self-composed song is simple and sweet, and really lets his vocals shine.


How could we forget this gentle song that gave us the iconic 'calico cat' line?


This song really shows off Jimin's range and explored darker themes lyrically, with his voice reflecting the emotions perfectly.

Let Me Know

We know that Jimin's vocals have only gotten better over the years, but he's always been powerful - see this cut from their 2015 Red Bullet tour.


There's so much rookie energy in this video (even though the boys were a year into their career at this point), and that passion transitions into Jimin's vocals.

Hold Me Tight

There's this spine-tingling high note sung live that we keep listening to on loop.


Even when he's joking around with a loudspeaker, his vocals are effortlessly beautiful? How?

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Blood, Sweat & Tears was really the era for Jimin blowing us all away with the ultimate combination of visual, dance and vocals. Those accidental shoulders + high vocals? We had no chance.

I Need U

This stripped down version of the popular song shows off both Jimin's solo vocal strength and how beautifully he can harmonise with the vocal line.

The Truth Untold

One of the most vocally challenging songs BTS has ever released, requires the boys to hit falsettos that tbh shouldn't even be possible. Jimin's riffs at the song's climax always send chills.

What's your fave Jimin vocals moment?


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