What did BTS get up to on holiday? You're about to find out!
1 Oct 2019 - 9:19 AM  UPDATED 1 Oct 2019 - 9:19 AM

BTS recently took an extended break for the first time since debut, and it looks like they were still thinking of their fans while on holiday, because there's videos coming of their time off!

Big Hit Entertainment have announced a schedule for BTS Vacation Log, showcasing videos from each member who filmed parts of their holidays for fans to watch.

According to the announcement, the videos will show ARMYs BTS' special daily life and are filmed by members. They also used Korean hashtags that translate to 'ARMY Week', 'ARMY Day' and 'See you at 9pm'.

The schedule is as follows:

Oct 2: Suga's night fishing vlog
Oct 3: J-Hope's trip to LA to make "Chicken Noodle Soup"
Oct 4: RM's nine-day Europe trip with his friend with art museum tour
Oct 7: Jin's fishing vlog
Oct 9: V and Yeontan on holiday including PC room and the ocean
Oct 10: Jimin in Paris and Hawaii
Oct 11: Jungkook working out

Whose vlog are you anticipating the most?


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