The boys rocked out the Enmore Theatre on a Sunday night!
18 Nov 2019 - 11:06 AM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2019 - 11:09 AM

DAY6 returned to Sydney's Enmore Theatre on Sunday 17 November with their Gravity World Tour, a little over a year since their last visit in 2018, and needless to say MYDAYs had been waiting with great anticipation.

From early in the morning, a queue snaked its way down the road as fans got in line for their chance to be as close as possible to their fave Korean band, and we bet it was worth the wait, considering the powerhouse performance we were given by the five-member group.

With a 29-song strong set and so many special moments in between, we could write a long essay about all the moments we loved during DAY6's performance. But here's just some of the things we won't forget anytime soon...

1. The hits!

DAY6 make some of the catchiest music out there and we got to hear so many of their hits during their two and a half hours on stage. Their infinite range was obvious as they moved easily from tracks like "Sing Me" and "Time of Our Life" to deep cuts like "Colors", all the way through to sing-along tunes like "I Need Somebody" and "Shoot Me". They even performed newbie "Sweet Chaos" to endless cheers!

Whether it was a soft ballad, a cover or one of their high-energy tracks, fans were right there with DAY6 having an awesome time.

2. The stage!

DAY6 were elevated to rock god status with their stage setting: a huge lit-up screen behind them giving us up-close footage of individual members and confetti showering down on certain songs. The theatre made it feel like an incredibly intimate experience, while still giving the vibe of a stadium-sized rock show.

The members also had some rock theatrics up their sleeves, like Young K's bass solo performed while standing atop a speaker, Jae's epic guitar riffing solo moment, as well as their mash-up of covers and originals that had "Days Gone By" blending into Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" among other tracks. 

3. The vocals!

There wasn't a flaw in sight when it came to DAY6's vocals. Their varied styles were all on full display: how could you not fall in love with Sungjin's charismatic tones or Jae's powerful call-outs? Then there's Young K, who pours all his energy into powerful sustained notes, and of course Wonpil's jaw-dropping high notes. Plus, who could ever forget Dowoon's iconic vocals on "Wanna Go Back"

The most impressive part of seeing DAY6 live is realising that their vocals and harmonies are as excellent on stage as they are on record.

4. The fun atmosphere!

It's impossible not to have a good time at a DAY6 show. All the guys made a huge effort to speak English, with cheers encouraging them to keep going. As Young K mentioned more than once, the energy given to them from the audience was spurring them to deliver a performance packed with electric spirit.

Throughout the concert, we could see the members smiling incredulously at the response they were receiving. It was clear they were having an awesome time, and it turned the whole night into a massive party.


Wow. Just wow. There were points during the evening when even DAY6 members looked shocked at the passion their fans displayed. There was more than one moment when they chose not to sing, allowing the audience to raise their voices to the roof, singing both Korean and English lyrics to the songs.

The members couldn't hide their shock at the response, with Young K even asking how fans had memorised the Korean lyrics. It really is a testament to MYDAYs' love for DAY6, and the music they make.

That commitment and love made for a joyful, happy space where people could dance, laugh and sing with DAY6.


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