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27 Dec 2019 - 11:44 AM  UPDATED 5 Feb 2020 - 4:54 PM

It's been a year full of excellent K-pop music and with so many new artists coming into the spotlight, there's also been plenty of first wins on music shows. From record-breaking rookie wins through to established artists finally getting their much-deserved first place, let's throwback to some of the first wins from music shows this year.

We recommend preparing tissues for some of these speeches!

ASTRO: The Show, "All Night"

ASTRO took an emotional first win, almost three years after debut.

Chungha: Show Champion, "Gotta Go"

Chungha started the year strong by taking her first win as a soloist.

CLC: The Show, "NO"

Almost four years after debut, CLC had their first win.

ITZY: M Countdown, "DALLA DALLA"

The JYP Entertainment girl group won their first trophy nine days after debut, making them the fastest girl group to get the top spot.

Hwasa: Show Music Core, "Twit"

The MAMAMOO member made her solo debut in March and took the No.1 spot twice on Show Music Core with "Twit".

N.Flying: The Show, "Rooftop"

K-pop band N.Flying had everyone teary-eyed, as their sleeper hit "Rooftop" got No.1 for them their first ever music show win.

Ha Sung Woon: Show Champion, "Bird"

HOTSHOT member and former WANNA ONE member Ha Sung Woon took his first solo music show win.

TXT: The Show, "Crown"

Big Hit Entertainment's new boy group got their first music show win with their first song!

Chen: Show Music Core, "Beautiful Goodbye"

EXO vocalist Chen made his solo debut and took the No.1 spot as a soloist for the first time on Show Music Core.

Park Ji Hoon: Music Bank, "L.O.V.E"

Former WANNA ONE member, now solo artist and actor Park Ji Hoon had his first win as a soloist.

Stray Kids: M Countdown, "Miroh"

JYP Entertainment boy group Stray Kids had us all feeling emotional as they took their first win since debut with "Miroh".

The Boyz: The Show, "Bloom Bloom"

The Boyz got their first win almost 1.5 years after debut and while they weren't at the show to accept their trophy, they had a very emotional celebration they shared with fans.

Kim Jae Hwan: The Show, "Begin Again"

The former WANNA ONE member took his first solo win in May 2019.

AB6IX: The Show, "Breathe"

The rookie boy group which includes former members of WANNA ONE, Daehwi and Woojin, as well as duo MXM, received their first win.

ATEEZ: M Countdown, "Wave"

ATEEZ took their first win within the first year of debuting, living up to their title of monster rookies! 

DAY6: Show Champion, "Time of Our Life"

After four years, DAY6 got their first music show win. They weren't at the broadcast but did send in a video message for fans.

CIX: The Show, "Movie Star"

Rookie boy group CIX, which includes former WANNA ONE member Jinyoung, won their first music show trophy.

Baekhyun: Music Bank, "UN Village"

This solo debut from EXO's vocalist held the No.1 spot on Music Bank for two weeks - but given his busy schedule, he wasn't there to collect the awards in person.

EXO-SC: Music Bank, "What A Life"

The new EXO sub-unit consisting of Sehun and Chanyeol had their first win with their debut single, but weren't at the broadcast.

Kang Daniel: Music Bank, "What Are You Up To"

The former WANNA ONE member made his solo debut and won first place with his first single, although he was absent for the win.

X1: The Show, "Flash"

The Produce x 101 group became the fastest to get a music show win, taking the top spot only five days after debut.

Everglow: The Show, "ADIOS"

The rookie girl group took first place with their second track since debut.

Jeong Se Woon: The Show, "When It Rains"

The former Produce 101 trainee won his first music show in October this year.

VICTON: The Show, "Nostalgic Night"

It took a little over three years, but VICTON got their first win in November with "Nostalgic Night".

Golden Child: M Countdown, "WANNABE"

Woollim Entertainment boy group Golden Child took home their first win, almost 2.5 years since debut. Unfortunately they didn't attend the broadcast to collect the award in person.

Congratulations to all the first-time winners from 2019!


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