The countdown is on!
21 Feb 2020 - 10:50 AM  UPDATED 21 Feb 2020 - 10:50 AM

BTS' comeback is so close, and there's a teaser to kick things off!

BTS has shared a 30 second snippet from title track "ON" to TikTok, with many people turning it into the #ONChallenge on the social media platform. You can get a little hint of its sound by listening to it on the app here.

Meanwhile more details have been revealed about Map of the Soul: 7, due to be released tonight at 6pm KST. A Big Hit press release shared new details about the songs we haven't heard before that are included on the album.

We'll be getting some interesting unit performances, with the rapline on "UGH" and the vocal unit giving a sincere track with "0:00 (Zero O'Clock)". Jimin and V will have a duo song for the first time with "Friends", while another pairing will be RM and Suga on "Respect".

In terms of unheard solo tracks, it's been confirmed that "Filter" will be a Jimin solo where he shares the different sides of himself. "My Time" will chronicle Jungkook's journey throughout his life as an idol, and "Inner Child" will be V's solo looking back at the past when he was going through a difficult time. Jin will also have a solo, an ode to ARMY titled "Moon"

The rapline's solo tracks will also feature on the album, including an extended version of Suga's "Interlude: Shadow".

Also coming out today is the Kinetic Manifesto Film for "ON". Are you ready for BTS' comeback?



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