The singer has spoken out about the true circumstances of the case
26 Feb 2020 - 9:46 AM  UPDATED 26 Feb 2020 - 9:52 AM

Following news that Roy Kim has received a suspension on his case for sharing pornographic material in a group chat, he has now come forward to clarify what happened.

In 2019, Roy Kim was named as one of the people involved in the hidden camera scandal, wherein several male celebrities were accused of spreading pornographic material through group chats. The singer went on hiatus at the time after admitting to sharing an illegally taken photo.

It later came to light that the chatroom he was in with Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon - who are currently appealing their prison sentence - was not one of the chats wherein images were exclusively shared, but was one about their shared interest in fishing. When an edited image of a woman was shared in the chat, Roy Kim shared a blog post with an image to inform them that the image was in fact, not real.

So while he had posted the image to let others know it was edited, he was charged for illegally spreading pornographic material.

In a letter to fans he explained: 

"First, at the time in 2016, I found a blog post through a portal site search that explained that the photo that was subject to rumours was an edited photo. I took a screenshot with my phone and sent that image, along with a message saying that the rumour isn't true, to a group chat I was in with acquaintances who I shared a hobby with. I realised through this incident that it's wrong to share such photos, regardless of the intention or the content, and I'm deeply reflecting on that".

He also apologised and thanked those who've supported him. You can read his full letter translated on Soompi.


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