Did you notice these similarities?
28 Feb 2020 - 12:53 PM  UPDATED 28 Feb 2020 - 12:53 PM

BTS has returned with an epic music video for their title song "ON" and it's rich with visual metaphors and references to literature, movies and television shows. Not only that, there's plenty of self-referential points for eagle-eyed ARMY and Bangtan Universe theorists to leap on.

We know ARMY would've already spotted plenty of interesting narrative storylines, but we were so intrigued by some of the references we had to share them here!

How many of these did you notice while watching the video?


For K-drama fans, you might notice the similarities in the battlegrounds from "ON" and the hit series Goblin.

Noah's Ark

RM with his wrecked ship and many animals draws allusions to Noah and his ark of paired animals, that weathered floods to find a new world.

Lord of the Flies

When you see someone blowing into a conch, you almost always think of Lord of the Flies, that's just a fact. Also fits into the themes of lost boys in a deserted landscape, trying to stick together.

Maze Runner

Important fact: star of Maze Runner, Dylan O'Brien, is a massive BTS fan and has attended their concerts. So we're going to assume he loves this nod to the film series.

The Lion King

We don't know what it means, but we would love to see one of the members being held up to the light Lion King style.

Bird Box

A literal reference here with the blindfold, so more aesthetic than anything else.

"Make It Right"

V and the little girl in the "ON" music video mirror some of the actions we see in the animation for "Make It Right', suggesting the girl may represent ARMY in the vast landscape of "ON".

"Fake Love"

Jin protects a precious 'cage' of sorts in both "Fake Love" and "ON". In the first it's a lantern, while in the new MV it's a birdcage. 

"Not Today"

JK runs in fear as his fellow members fall in "Not Today", but by contrast he runs from the back of the group to the front in "ON", with a smile on his face.

"No More Dream"

A pretty obvious reference looking at the end of the music video, suggesting BTS are not only referencing their roots but moving forward to a new dream and era.

Watch the full music video below!


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