The K-pop band has cited overworking and lack of payment
28 Feb 2020 - 3:48 PM  UPDATED 28 Feb 2020 - 4:34 PM


J&STAR Company has responded to The Rose's request for contract termination, and the group's statement that they will stop performances and broadcasts arranged by the company by saying their request has no legal force and that the group must dutifully take on their ongoing schedule.

In an official statement, the company said "the 'violation of exclusive contract' that The Rose is claiming is not true... we provided payment information for the entire exclusive contract period to The Rose, and we confirmed through documents that they received the information."

The company has said that The Rose refuse to talk to the company, and that the company is now considering legal options, as well as possibly requesting compensation from the group for damages.



K-pop band The Rose is seeking to end their exclusive contract with J&STAR Company, on the grounds that the agency has violated the terms of the contract.

The four-member band have issued a demand to terminate their contract through lawyers, on the grounds that J&STAR Company has failed to pay settlement, breaking the trust between artist and company, and thus violating the exclusive contract.

Each member of The Rose posted the original article announcing the news, along with an English translation, to their respective Instagram accounts.

The article mentioned that The Rose do not seem to have been paid in three years, noting:

"The Rose members claimed that the J&STAR Company did not have a proper explanation for the settlement and demanded an excessive schedule.

They promised to receive monthly settlement reports when they signed exclusive contracts with their agencies. The agency however, hasn't paid the bill yet, three years after debut. There were several incomprehensible amounts and items in the account that the members requested and received recently, so they asked for an explanation, but they didn't even get an answer."

The article also brought up The Rose's packed tour schedule, having performed in over 50 cities and 20 countries worldwide. It read:

"In addition, The Rose said the tour schedule for the US concert, which requires a total of 17 performances in 17 US cities within 32 days having to be held every other day, is a murderous schedule, a difficult schedule to manage and there was no proper consultation with The Rose".

The Rose has demanded a cancellation of their exclusive contract, but the agency is yet to respond. The group has now chosen to take legal action, even though it will impact their schedules negatively, including planned album releases and broadcast opportunities.

To see the members' individual posts, see Woosung, Hajoon, Dojoon and Jaehyeong's Instagrams.

The Rose debuted in 2017 with the single "Sorry" and have since developed a strong international audience. They visited Australia in December 2018.