The rookie queens are back!
10 Mar 2020 - 10:19 AM  UPDATED 10 Mar 2020 - 10:19 AM

ITZY are back! The rookie girl group has returned with the new track "WANNABE" taken from the mini-album IT'z ME, and as expected, it's a powerful EDM track with fiery lyrics and passion from the members.

ITZY are loved by their fans for their straight-forward attitude, with songs that focus on self-love and being true to yourself. "WANNABE" continues this lyrical journey, with the members holding their ground as they stand up to society's expectations, proudly proclaiming that they want to be themselves and no one else!

There's lots to take away from this song, both in the music video's visuals and in the words themselves. Here's just some of the messages from the song we're going to be using to boost our morale when things get tough.

1. Telling outsiders to stop nagging because you're self-sufficient

2. Making it clear that you don't plan on conforming to society's expectations

3. Standing up for yourself and your uniqueness

4. Knowing that you can look after yourself and don't need strangers giving you advice on how to live

5. Pointing the finger back and asking others to take a good look at themselves

6. Self-acceptance! Self-love!

7. And the most important message of the song, it's way better to be yourself than try to be someone else

Check out the full video from ITZY below!


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