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17 Mar 2020 - 1:12 PM  UPDATED 17 Mar 2020 - 1:15 PM

For those not familiar with K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN and their variety show Going Seventeen, we feel sad that you've never experienced this joy. Or if you're new to SEVENTEEN and a bit confused as to where to start - don't worry, we've all been there. 

Going Seventeen has been around since 2017, and it started out as a more personal vlog, with the boys taking us with them behind-the-scenes on tours in the US, photo and music video shoots, fan meetings and general shenanigans we usually wouldn't get to see.

It's since morphed into a full-on variety show, with episodes involving complex games of mafia, Secret Santa, camping and more, all of which give us an insight into the truly chaotic minds of SEVENTEEN. If there's a meme you love from these boys, it probably was born on Going Seventeen.

Here's 11 episodes you need to watch to really fall for SEVENTEEN, and appreciate the chaos.

2019: EP. 4

The SEVENTEEN members share their ideas for the new season of Going Seventeen which range from the clever to the chaotic. Jun gives a lengthy presentation that uses 'maths' to convince the group to visit his hometown, Joshua wows with a bilingual presentation, and then there's the true winner: Vernon asking for Seungkwan to use a black marker rather than red, because of his red glasses.

2019: EP. 22 - TTT #2

The whole camping series is entertaining as the boys do challenges, cook food and have some bonding moments, but there's something so purely chaotic about them trying to cheat on a challenge testing their telepathy to win diamonds for their dinner. It must be watched.

2020: EP. 6 - Seungkwan Boo's Past Life Destiny

This recreation of a classic Korean variety show has Seungkwan in his rightful place: hosting with extravagant flair. There's a number of games in this three-part series, but watching the guys do three-legged limbo is truly a highlight, especially when you have combinations like Woozi and Mingyu, and the always chaotic DK and Hoshi.

2019: EP. 24 - SVT Playground

Who knew letting a bunch of idols run amok in a kid's playground would be so entertaining? Watching the members blindfolded and chasing one another seems like an accident waiting to happen, but somehow it's just incredibly fun. Mingyu falling to the ground screeching because of a leaf is probably the highlight here, but the chaos, she reigns throughout.

2019: EP. 15 & 16: MBTI of SEVENTEEN

The boys getting tricked into filling out a survey while sat in a room surrounded by mannequins that come to life, is the stuff of comedy gold. Each member's reaction is incredible in its own way, from Jeonghan and Woozi's cuteness to Joshua having zero reaction, through to SEVENTEEN's resident scaredy-cat DK's most unique reaction. Just watch and enjoy.

2019: EP. 17: Escape the Karaoke Room

The fact that they got a perfect score on the first try yet kept going is really all you need to know about SEVENTEEN's chaotic energy. 

2019: EP. 26: SVT Secret Santa

Each member is given a mission related to Woozi, some are playing angels and the others are devils. But to be honest, once it kicks off it's hard to tell who's on what side, they're all out to be as entertaining and annoying as possible. Throw in some truly terrible gift-giving and you have yourself a chaotic good time with SEVENTEEN.

2020: EP. 1: Mystery Mystery

Honestly, you have to watch both videos in this series. 2020 has already brought us so much SEVENTEEN chaos. DK repeatedly uttering 'mystery, mystery' with a flair, along with the new year-themed games bring plenty of laughs. What exactly is it about watching a group of guys try to eat food with decibel and time restrictions that's so amusing? Just watch and find out.

2020: EP. 3 & EP. 4: Don't Lie

This. This is peak SEVENTEEN chaos. Betrayal, lies, intrigue, laughter - it's all here. You've got the traditional game of mafia, but there's money on the line with the members having to find it in short intervals. You're never quite sure who's lying to who, and it's hilarious to watch them all turn on one another at different points. You really can only love SEVENTEEN more after watching this.

Which Going Seventeen episode is your fave?


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