Prepare the tissues, they will not be spared
17 Mar 2020 - 9:58 AM  UPDATED 17 Mar 2020 - 10:00 AM

The creators of the Reply series and Prison Playbook have returned with a new Korean drama to win our hearts, and this time it's in a medical setting. 

Hospital Playlist has just begun airing weekly on Netflix, with new episodes coming out each Friday. It focuses on five doctors who've been friends since uni, who work in the same hospital. They've each got interesting stories to tell and we can sense there'll be high drama both in their professional and personal lives.

Here's just some of the reasons we think you should be adding Hospital Playlist to your to-watch list.

1. The cast

Rather than having just one or two lead characters, there's five people to follow in this story and luckily there's some excellent actors taking on the roles. In episode one alone we got Yoo Yeon Seok going from adorable to heartbreaking, and Jo Jung Suk from goofy to professional. Alongside Jung Kyung Ho, Jeon Mi Do and Kim Dae Myung, it's a star-studded cast!

2. If you like medical dramas, you'll love this

If you're a fan of shows like Grey's Anatomy or ER, but maybe want the occasional break from the high-key medical trauma, give Hospital Playlist a whirl. Going off the first episode, there's a mix of medical drama with personal stories. Obviously with it being set in a hospital there's going to be some very sad moments, so we'd recommend keeping tissues at the ready.

3. The gags

If you know the Reply series then you know there's a particular jovial sense of humour that permeates through those shows, and we sense a similar atmosphere here. Take for example in the first episode when we're introduced to An Jeong Won's (Yoo Yeon Seok) family - where four of his siblings are part of the church and somehow he's the odd one out as a doctor. There's also the tone-deaf Chae Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do) who insists on being the singer in their band, with terribly funny results.

Also.. Jo Jung Suk in a Darth Vader helmet. We'll say nothing else, just watch the show.

4. Rich friendships that keep growing

As you get older, friends drift apart as you form new relationships, find jobs and sometimes move to new places. Watching five older friends and the way their friendship forms part of their lives is reassuring and refreshing. While Reply often focused on younger friendships blossoming in high school or uni, this is in the present, when people are busy with work and families. We're excited to see more of these five people bonding and helping each other out.

5. A balance between the sad and joyful

If the first episode showed us anything, it's that there's miracles and tragedies in medicine. For every person who gets saved, there are some who sadly cannot make it through. We'd recommend preparing your tissues, because your heart will hurt more than once watching the dedication of doctors and family alike in these truly relatable human stories about life and death.

Tell us, have you started watching Hospital Playlist and what do you think?


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