Just a little something to put you at ease
18 Mar 2020 - 10:09 AM  UPDATED 18 Mar 2020 - 1:46 PM

Sometimes when you're super stressed, or scared about the world and what's happening, you need to listen to some music. It can be as a distraction, as background noise, or if you want to put on your headphones and fully immerse yourself: music can be really powerful in changing our mood and giving us some lightness in stressful times.

Everyone has their preference for music they love to listen to when stressed, and we were thinking about all the talented Korean performers whose voices serenade us often with their soothing tones.

Here's some artists we recommend playing when you're feeling stressed, to bring some calming vibes into your life.


From his many soothing soundtrack songs to his solo music, you can slide into comfort with Crush's smooth R&B vocals, and his often jazzy music style.


Perhaps slightly more unknown to western audiences, Colde is a superb vocalist with a unique tone. His music takes influences from jazz, R&B and pop to create flowing songs that sweep you in. We'd also recommend checking out his group OFFONOFF.


Heize has such a special vocal style, it's immediately recognisable. It's also soothing whether she's singing about upsetting break-ups or pure love.

Baek Yerin

A former member of the duo 15&, going solo has seen Baek Yerin win over even more fans with her stunning vocals. She flits between highs and lows, all with a calming undertone. Trust us, you won't regret diving into her music.


Maybe the queen of soothing vocals? Everything about IU's musical presence is calming (though fans know she can be plenty chaotic given the opportunity!). Whether it's a soft ballad or an equally soft pop gem, there's something inherently therapeutic about IU's music.


They may be known as the comedy boys of K-pop and with good reason, but they're also unbelievable vocalists. Their vocals may soothe and also send you into a new dimension, along with their cinematic music videos.


EXO fans have always known Chen to be a powerhouse vocalist, and his solo music has showcased that. But it's also allowed him to explore a softer side, with ballads that pull at the heartstrings while also washing over you with calming vibes. There's something so immediately comforting about his voice, you can't put your finger on it. But you want to listen to it on repeat.


Korean R&B best boy DEAN may not be releasing music frequently lately but every song is certified to give you chills with the purity of his vocals. Take some time and relax with the entire 130 mood: TRBL EP from 2016, it'll soothe your soul. There's also this gem from 2019...


This duo are beloved in South Korea for a reason. If you like soft mid-tempo songs with crystal clear vocals, these girls have got them in spades. When you need a soothing moment, they'll win your heart!


We have to assume K-pop fans know Taeyeon, if you don't, stop reading and start listening now. Taeyeon's vocals really are untouchable. She can soar to immense heights with incredible control, and convey so many emotions with just her voice.


BTS' V soothes with the deep baritones he's showcased in songs like "Singularity", where jazz meets his at times powerful, and at other times whisper-gentle vocals. The smooth confidence beneath all he sings is so charismatic and comforting, you can't help being calmed.



MAMAMOO are a whole team of dynamite vocalists, and Wheein's solo music shows off how relaxing her voice can be. Whether she's doing a jazzy pop jam or a sad ballad, there's something to calm your mind.

There's of course so many more voices in K-pop to add - who's your fave soothing voice? Listen to our playlist on Spotify to float away on these voices.


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