What better time to be finding new podcasts to learn from!
18 Mar 2020 - 12:01 PM  UPDATED 18 Mar 2020 - 12:01 PM

Given the current world situation, you might not be going out as much and getting your regular fix of K-pop chats. We all need some distraction in our lives, and what better way to pass the time than some fun podcasts!

Take a break, sit back and pop on one of these shows to get your fix on K-pop, whether it's reviews from fellow fans or artists you know and love.

The Tablo Podcast

If you know Tablo from Epik High, then you probably know he has a high-key chaotic energy that's harnessed in their music, and also now fully in this podcast. He talks about music, family, pop culture and everything in between, bringing wry humour to all his anecdotes.

K-pop Daebak Show with Eric Nam

If you know Eric Nam, you already can imagine what a delight this show is. Whether he's chatting it up with famous friends or just sharing his thoughts on K-pop, he's an intelligent and witty host who we love listening to talk about anything!

SojuTalk Kpop Podcast

This is a podcast created by fans for fans, with in-depth opinions on new releases and K-pop news coming from the SojuTalk crew. It's casual, just like hanging out with friends and talking over some drinks!

KBS WORLD Radio K-pop Connection 

For something that covers music and culture, you should check out KBS WORLD Radio's K-pop shows. It's got a mix of world event commentary alongside music talk, so you can feel like you're learning about more than one thing while listening.

K-pop Unmuted

If you're looking for a podcast with a more critical take on K-pop, check out this one that has guests from the fields of music journalism, music criticism and the K-pop industry itself. They discuss the latest releases and also bring some industry perspective to their conversations.

How Did I Get Here?

DAY6's Jae hosts another of the Dive Studio podcasts that are so popular at the moment. Jae covers a lot of subjects, from human clones to horoscopes and all things in between. With his signature charm, you can't help but keep listening to his hilarious commentary, which will birth many memes, we're certain of it.

Do you have any fave K-pop podcasts to listen to?


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