The idol shared some thoughts via Instagram live
20 Mar 2020 - 9:12 AM  UPDATED 20 Mar 2020 - 9:13 AM

Former Stray Kids member Woojin has given fans an insight into what he's been doing since leaving the K-pop boy group.

Woojin did an Instagram live overnight, saying he wanted to let fans know how he's been recently. During the broadcast he said that he's been focusing on practicing, training and eating well. 

He said: "I focused on self development. I practiced a lot, I worked out a lot. That's pretty much about it."

He added that he went travelling too, saying: "Before that, I've been travelling to organise my thoughts and to take a rest. I went on a couple of trips and these trips helped me a lot, I enjoyed it. I went to beautiful places so I took lots of pictures and I uploaded those pics on my SNS. I was delighted to see you like it."

He mentioned feeling nervous doing a live broadcast but that he wants to communicate with fans through live. He also hinted at something upcoming, as he mentioned having his hair and makeup done for something unrelated to his Insta live.

Woojin's departure from Stray Kids and JYP Entertainment was announced in October 2019. He's since launched his solo Instagram account in January 2020, but is yet to reveal any further plans.

You can watch a full translation of the livestream here.


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