Do we need 60 episodes? Not until now we didn't.
24 Mar 2020 - 12:39 PM  UPDATED 27 Mar 2020 - 12:47 PM

If you're a Chinese drama fan, then you're no stranger to the 60 episode series. It can feel like a whole chunk of your life belongs to a drama by the time you've reached the end! 

Maybe you've approached a C-drama before then thought, there's no way I can get through this. Well, given current life circumstances, now feels like the perfect time to bunker down, grab a blanket and some snacks, and just obliterate these tv shows from start to finish.

Here's 5 shows we think it's the perfect time for you to binge-watch.

1. The Untamed

The series that's taken the drama-loving world by storm, this boy love novel turned tv series focuses on two soulmates who travel in a fantastical world, solving murder mysteries in a bid to find the true culprit. It's transformed stars Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo into globally known actors, and won over fans with the tension between the two leads. It's a global sensation for a reason, and you can stream all 50 episodes on Netflix in Australia, so why not find out why people love it so much!

2. Meteor Garden

Are you ready for 49 episodes of angst? Then you should get ready for this Chinese remake of Boys Over Flowers that's set in Shanghai and London, and stars C-drama fave Shen Yue with break-out star Dylan Wang. It's the classic story of an ordinary girl who ends up in a prestigious university, and catches the eye of the elite clique F4. Naturally opposites attract and a love story blooms, but it's 49 eps of class differences, dramatic moments and angsty misunderstandings that'll have you hooked. If you're not in love with all of F4 by the end of this, we'll be very surprised.

3. Go Go Squid!

Another 2019 drama to sink your teeth into, this 41 episode series stars Yang Zi and Li Xian. The plot might sound a bit questionable: a talented computer major falls for a renowned cyber-security professional and together they compete in international cyber-security competitions to win prizes. But what you have here is the makings of a slow-burn romance with lots of workplace tensions, and you've got 41 beautiful episodes to take it all in.

4. Ashes of Love

This is one of the most beloved dramas of 2018, starring Yang Zi with Deng Lun. It's a fantasy drama that spans generations to tell the story of a goddess, Jinmi, who was hidden away by her mother. She's drawn to the Heavenly Emperor's son, Xufeng, but it won't be easy to keep their love alive. This drama is 60 episodes of emotional turmoil tinged with sweetness, and considering how successful it was in China (it had over 15 billion views while airing), we think you'll fly through these episodes.

5. A Little Thing Called First Love

You might recognise former Wanna One member Lai Kuan-lin in this, it's his first drama role. If you're looking for something lighter with a high-school setting, then this is the drama for you. Zhao Jinmai plays Xia Miaomiao, a shy student with a creative side, who starts crushing on Kuan-lin's character, Liang Younian, a handsome and talented guy known for being the most popular in school. With help from her friends, and inspired by Younian, she starts to take interest in fashion and school clubs, and goes on her own journey of self-discovery. It's 36 episodes of feel-good romantic teen drama!

Go forth! Watch all the episodes and tell us what you think people should be watching!


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