A clearer sign of support couldn't exist!
25 Mar 2020 - 9:02 AM  UPDATED 25 Mar 2020 - 9:03 AM

MONSTA X fans have gotten the group's 2017 song "From Zero" to No.1 on Billboard's World Digital Songs Sales chart, as a show of support for Wonho.

Monbebes chose the song as Wonho was one of the writers, composers and arrangers on the track (not to mention the meaningful lyrics), and with recent news that he's been cleared of all charges in the drug case brought against him in 2019, fans wanted to show their support for the idol and celebrate. 

"From Zero" was originally released in 2017 on the mini-album The Code. It's No.1 spot comes over two years later, and it's the first time MONSTA X has taken the top spot on the World Digital Song Sales chart. 

The chart ranks the most popular international digital singles in the United States. By charting the song, international Monbebe are making it clear that they want Wonho to return to the group.

Starship Entertainment has not spoken further on Wonho's future since announcing his charges were cleared on March 10.


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