Because we could all use a laugh right now
9 Apr 2020 - 12:17 PM  UPDATED 9 Apr 2020 - 12:17 PM

Look, we know you've binged some of the big K-dramas - the ones with all the angst and conflict, where people are actively conspiring against each other and there's a lot of suspenseful music.

But sometime you want to take it easy and watch something that's a bit more light-hearted. We're not saying there's no drama - if anything, we promise you're likely to cry at some point during at least four of these - but there's no threats of political warfare or murder around every corner, so we're considering it much more of a fun romp.

Here's five K-dramas that have been released in the last couple years that will ease you into some warm, light-hearted vibes.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Im Soo Hyang stars as a university student who has had plastic surgery after being bullied for her appearance throughout her childhood. Thinking her days of being judged are behind her, she finds that her uni classmates are just as judgemental of her new appearance, except for one silent and strong guy - played by none other than heartthrob Cha Eunwoo.

You'll get emotional and you'll swoon a whole bunch!

Touch My Heart

All our dreams came true when Goblin couple Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na were reunited in this drama, and it'll warm your heart too! A famous actress gets caught in a scandal with a chaebol heir, and as her career descends, she manages to get a role playing a secretary in a drama. To get into character, she becomes a secretary for a perfectionist lawyer - you can imagine where this is going. Opposites attract in this fun rom-com that will have you grinning from ear-to-ear more than once!

Welcome to Waikiki S1 & 2

This show won over so many fans it's got two seasons! For those who love a bit of slapstick with their comedy, this drama starts with three guys living together and running a hostel, whose lives are turned upside down when a young mother with nowhere to go moves in with her baby. Of course there's some over-the-top shenanigans from the supporting cast, and our main man matures as he falls in love. There's something for everyone in this chaotic comedy series!

My First First Love

This is the perfect drama if you're looking for young love with just a hint of angst. Not so much to make you angry, but enough to keep you watching! Jisoo plays a rich uni student who moves into his grandfather's old house that has been left to him, and ends up housing three friends who've all ended up needing a home. One of them includes his childhood bestie, undoubted first love played by Jung Chaeyeon. 

Of course, nothing is that easy - and our boy needs some time to realise his real feelings, by which point, he might be too late thanks to second lead (first lead in our hearts) Jung Jinyoung.

Her Private Life

K-pop lovers, this one's going to give you double the joy. Park Minyoung plays a successful art curator, who also happens to be a fansite manager who's dedicated to male idol Cha Shi An (played by K-pop artist ONE). She leads a double life, until she gets a new boss played by the ever handsome Kim Jaewook. Suddenly all her worlds are colliding as Cha Shi An is part of a new art exhibition she's curating, and her boss is closing in on her strange behaviour. 

What could possibly happen?? Let's just say the romance is worth investing in on this one, you'll be squealing at the cuteness to come!

So, what recent light-hearted drama would you recommend people watch?


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