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23 Apr 2020 - 10:12 AM  UPDATED 23 Apr 2020 - 10:12 AM

Are you getting bored at home? Ran out of all the usual activities that would entertain you? Don't worry, K-pop is always here to inspire you and this time, it's with creative hairstyles.

From the cleverly tied through to the drastically dyed, K-pop idols have had every hairstyle you could imagine. As we practice social distancing and spend most of our time at home, this is the perfect time to get experimenting!

Some of these are actually amazing, while some are... creative? With nothing but time on our hands, why not give it a go. We can't promise you'll look as cool as some of these idols.

EXO Sehun rainbow hair

This requires effort, but imagine how rewarding it'll be if you could look as good as Sehun with it! If you've got light hair, there's nothing stopping you besides ambition and having at least six different types of hair dye.

BTS JK's half & half hair

Why not have the best of both worlds? No one can look as good as JK with this look, but you can absolutely try. 

EXO Suho demon hair

Got hair gel? Hair spray? This should be an easy one to execute. Just don't scare any of the people you live with.

SHINee Key's colourful close shave

Feeling the urge to shave it all off? Why not make it artful like Key did and rock some multiple colours. You've got to have a steady hand for this dye job though!

Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha uneven bob

You know how you started cutting your fringe yourself, then realised you'd made a terrible mistake. This is how to fix it, you just have to OWN the look.

2NE1 Dara's pineapple hair

Nothing makes a statement like tying your hair so tightly it might cut off scalp circulation. Dara has even made a tutorial vid so you can master the look. If you've got long hair, it's the one for you!

TWICE Nayeon's cute Signal hair

This seems trickier to put together than it looks! Try and recreate it, then dance along to "Signal" to celebrate.

K-pop mullet

This should come naturally with social distancing and not visiting the hairdresser for the next little while. But will it look as good as BTS V's mullet? We cannot confirm.

What's going to be your self-iso hairstyle?


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