Isn't the answer somehow always BTS??
24 Apr 2020 - 11:01 AM  UPDATED 24 Apr 2020 - 11:01 AM

You're probably getting bored, another week has passed where you've had to practice social distancing and all those hobbies you love - well, you're kind of looking for something new.

Good thing BTS is always around to provide ideas and inspiration! The boys have not only been going live recently to showcase some fun activities, but they've always been creative, so there's plenty of ideas you can get for fun activities based on what we know they like doing in their spare time.

Which of these activities should you take on?

1. Spray paint your clothes like V

We'd recommend finding a well-ventilated space and covering the floor with something before getting started, but maybe you'd end up with something as cool as Taehyung's jacket!

2. Customise your lightstick like Hobi and RM

J-Hope and RM had some fun personalising their lighsticks in a VLive recently, and you can take some inspiration to do the same. Will you go for outdoor delight or a purple bouquet, or something entirely different?

3. Workout like JK

It's hard to muster the energy to exercise on a good day, let alone right now, but just look at JK punching with passion and channel his enthusiasm into your workouts. He'd be so proud!

4. Whip coffee like Jimin and RM

It's a trend for a reason, it's fun and you get a delicious coffee at the end (deliciousness is based on preference judging by RM's face after doing this activity). Take it light and easy like Jimin and play some jazzy music in the background too.

5. Cook like Suga

We know Suga is a really talented cook, even though he plays it down on Run BTS! Why not take a page out of one of the cooking episodes and attempt one of the recipes? You'll get delicious food, a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that Suga would be proud of you.

6. Take up drawing like JK

We know JK is the master of all trades, he's not the golden maknae for nothing after all! If the whole exercise like JK thing isn't your jam, try some more artistic pursuits. JK loves painting and drawing, then sharing his creations with fans on Weverse. You could do it too!

7. Conquer a video game like Jin

The master of gaming, we can only aspire to have his skill level and also smack talk capacity. While we recommend taking more frequent breaks than Jin while playing, it's a fun and easy way to pass some time and you'll be an expert gamer in no time!

Which of these ideas will you be taking up as your new self-iso activity?


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