These K-dramas will soothe your soul
27 Apr 2020 - 10:15 AM  UPDATED 27 Apr 2020 - 10:15 AM

K-dramas are known for running the full range of emotions: they'll make you cry, rage and laugh all in one episode if it's a good one. 

Right now, we think we could all use some healing entertainment though. Just a little hope in the form of bad guys being brought to justice, young love being rediscovered or just proof that friendship can get you through bad times.

Here's some hopeful K-drama entertainment we think will give you the healing vibes you need.

When The Camellia Blooms

Small town charm and heartwarming stories abound in this 2019 K-drama. Kang Ha Neul is the cop with a heart of gold and definite sense of justice, who falls for the single mother and bar owner played by Gong Hyo Jin. There's romance, comedy and plenty of dramatic twists, that make it a compelling journey to the end. You'll feel like moving to a quiet village yourself afterwards!


Bear with us here, yes this is an action drama but the storyline actually is quite a healing experience, so it lives up to the title! Ji Chang Wook plays a fighter posing as an errand runner, who ends up protecting a journalist (Park Min Young), who's being targeted for digging into a long-buried tragedy. With twisted fates between the two leads, you go through a lot with them and come out the other side believing in justice and love a bit more than before.

Reply 1988

This is just wholesome entertainment. Another small town story that revolves around friendships among high schoolers living on the same street, you'll invest your heart and laughter in these fun characters as they grow up before your eyes. From friendships to first-loves, and love lost too, it's a healing journey that gives you some perspective on life, and a dose of nostalgia too.

Hospital Playlist

It would seem unlikely that a drama set in a hospital could be healing, but this currently airing show hits that perfect spot between sentiment and medical drama. You're going to cry in each episode without a doubt, but your faith will be restored time and time again in the kindness of strangers, and the power of friendship. It's funny, soothing and at times a touch sad, but it's the perfect balance of all those emotions in one go.

Romance is a Bonus Book

For those looking for a soft drama that'll cushion your heart, look no further than this series. Lee Na Young is a divorced single mother restarting her career with great effort, while Lee Jong Suk is her childhood friend who becomes her colleague when she ends up taking a job as an office admin at the publishing house he works at as an editor. The show highlights the struggles of an older woman trying to get her life back on track in a society that favours the young, and also restores your faith in love and friendship.

Because This Is My First Life

This is a slow burner but we promise it's worth the commitment. This gem of a drama will get you thinking about the nature of love and life, in an unexpected way. Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min play the leads who decide to live together as one needs a tenant, and the other a place to live. Soon enough they enter into a marriage contract to placate parents, and of course the inevitable romance comes from their circumstances. It's actually refreshing to watch love bloom between two people who weren't necessarily looking for it, and by the end you'll be a little in love with them too.

Something In The Rain

We didn't say healing doesn't come with angst. This older woman-younger man drama stars Son Ye Jin as a single career woman who falls for her best friend's younger brother, played by Jung Hae In. They have to keep their romance a secret from family and friends who would judge their age difference, with expectations that she should be looking to marry at her age. A nuanced drama that plays real social issues against a passionate but touching romance, with the seasons acting as another character too, you'll want everything to work out for this endearing couple.

What's your healing K-drama choice?


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