Whether you're a new fan or a long-term lover of IU, this is a great excuse to listen to her music!
5 May 2020 - 1:56 PM  UPDATED 5 May 2020 - 2:04 PM

Korean singer-songwriter IU has released an amazing range of music in her 12-year career, and so many songs have been hits! 

IU currently has four studio albums, nine EPs, 46 singles and five single albums under her belt - by the way she's only 26 years old (27 this month!). As we eagerly anticipate her comeback with digital single "Eight" produced by and featuring BTS' Suga, which she has said will be a diversion from her usual style, we figure it's the perfect time to get acquainted with all of her No.1 songs.

She's the top Korean female soloist when it comes to No.1s, so we compiled all her songs that hit the top spot on Korea's Gaon Chart since her debut.

Check out the list below and tell us which IU No.1 you love the most!

"Nagging" ft. Lim Seulong (2010)

This was IU's first No.1 song on the Gaon Chart, and it features 2AM's Seulong. The non-album single sold over 3 million copies.

"Good Day" (2010)

This song brought IU many new fans with it not only going No.1 in South Korea but also charting high in Japan. It sold over 4.45 million copies in South Korea alone!

"It's You" Sung Si Kyung ft. IU (2010)

This song from South Korean singer and TV host Sung Si Kyung features IU and their combined power took it to No.1 on the Gaon Charts.

"Only I Didn't Know" (2011)

Taken from Real+, this 2011 song was another hit that reached over 2.9 million sales.

"You And I" (2011)

The title track from Last Fantasy, "You and I" not only reached No.1 on Korea's Gaon and Billboard Chart, it also was IU's first entry onto the US Billboard World Digital Songs charts, coming in at No.3. It remains her highest selling single in Korea with over 6 million sold.

"Someday" (2011)

Taken from K-drama Dream High's soundtrack, this song went to No.1 on the Gaon charts and sold over 2.2 million copies.

"Every End of the Day" (2012)

This song from Spring of a Twenty Year Old, sold 3.2 million copies getting to No.1 on Gaon too.

"The Red Shoes" (2013)

At this point it became inevitable that an IU release would hit No.1. This song also charted on the US Billboard World Digital Songs charts at No.19.

"Friday" ft. Jang Yi Jeong (2013)

Featuring HISTORY's Jang Yi Jeong, this seasonal track written and produced by IU herself dominated music charts and sold over 3 million copies.

"My Old Story" (2014)

A remake of an 80s classic by Jo Duk Bae, it was part of her A Flower Bookmark EP which reimagined seven classic K-pop tunes.

"Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms" High4 ft. IU (2014)

This song from K-pop boy band High4 featured IU and not only reached No.1, it was nominated at the Golden Disc Awards for the Digital Bonsang, and the Melon Music Awards for Hot Trend Award and Song of the Year.

"Twenty Three" (2015)

In her most personal song yet, IU delved into the turmoils of her early 20s with a song that struck a chord - it went to No.1 on the Gaon charts and sold 2.5 million copies.

"Leon" Park Myung Soo ft. IU (2015)

This song created on Infinite Challenge by comedian Park Myung Soo featured IU and went to No.1 on Korea's Gaon Chart, selling over 1.6 million copies!

"Heart" (2015)

A song from hit K-drama The Producers which also starred IU, "Heart" was a No.1 hit with 2.5 million copies sold.

"Through The Night" (2017)

IU's Palette album birthed a string of No.1s for her, the first of which was the title track written by her. The song was a critical and commercial success, and it became her 14th No.1 single in South Korea. It's so popular, it hasn't dropped out of the top 100 songs on Korea's music charts since release.

"Can't Love You Anymore" ft. Oh Hyuk (2017)

Another track from Palette, the song went to No.1 on its second week. Featuring HYUKOH's Oh Hyuk, the song was written and composed by him, IU and Lee Jong Hoon.

"Palette" ft. G-Dragon (2017)

Written and composed by IU in collaboration with G-Dragon, the song was an immediate hit. The song's music video became the most viewed K-pop female soloist MV on YouTube in 2017.

"Love Story" Epik High ft. IU (2017)

Veteran K-hip-hop trio Epik High specifically composed a song that would fit IU and invited her to collaborate on "Love Story", with the artists being mutual fans of one another. The song became a No.1 hit and she's since appeared in their music video for "Love Drunk" too!

"Autumn Morning" (2017)

This song is a remake of Korean folk singer Yang Hee Eun's 1991 hit, and it was also a hit for IU, reaching no.1 on the charts and coinciding with her ninth anniversary.

"Soulmate" Zico ft. IU (2018)

This solo track from Zico's SoulMate release is a collaboration between the rapper and IU that went to No.1 on the Gaon Charts on release.

"Bbibbi" (2018)

This song not only topped the charts immediately on release, it also broke the record for most listeners in 24 hours on Korean streaming service Melon. The song addressed those who speak negatively of her, and turning the comments about her back on them.

"Love Poem" (2019)

The lead single from her seventh EP Love Poem, this track became IU's 21st No.1 single on the Korean charts.

"Blueming" (2019)

Written by the same team as "Twenty Three", this song was an immediate hit with its bright pop-rock vibes, reaching No.1 on Korea's Gaon Chart, and reaching No.10 on US Billboard's World Digital Songs chart. 

"Give You My Heart" (2020)

It's been five years since IU released a K-drama OST, and of course her return went straight to No.1! This track from Crash Landing On You was a chart hit and is engraved in the minds of the drama's fans too.

What's your fave IU No.1 song?


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