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When baking meets BTS
13 May 2020 - 10:55 AM  UPDATED 13 May 2020 - 10:55 AM

We know you're probably bored at home right now and you've discovered a whole lot of new hobbies. If you're anything like the majority of people on social media, you've already attempted baking something. But have you tried combining that baking with your love of BTS?

Many have and shared the incredible results online, to give you plenty of inspiration to craft your own BTS-themed bake. There's even a Twitter hashtag, #BTSBakeChallenge, where fans post the results.

Need some ideas? Check out these ingenious creations and attempt it yourself!

Giant cookies

Try making these enormous BT21 cookies, it requires some attention to detail so the time will fly by while you put these together!

Cute sugar cookies

Looking for something a bit more Baking 101? How about adorable RJ sugar cookies? You'll need a steady hand for the piping but look at the adorable results!

Chimmy mango cake

We've never thought what flavour suits Jimin's BT21 character best, but this summery creation sounds about right!

BT21 cake

Have a talent for moulding? This could be your time to shine, the detail is in all the decorations that are BT21-themed! 

Cake pops

Want something more bite-sized? It might feel a bit weird biting into the head of a BT21 character but they'll look so cute before that!


A little left-field of baking, grab some pancake mix and food dye to get inventive with these artful creations. BTS -themed breakfast anyone?

Bread, biscuits and more!

If you want even more BTS-themed sweet treat inspo, check out Twitter user Bake Room, who works BTS themes into every imaginable baked good, and even sandwiches!

So has this inspired you to get baking?


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