Take your K-pop love to the kitchen!
14 May 2020 - 12:56 PM  UPDATED 14 May 2020 - 12:56 PM

You've probably developed some cool hobbies and interests in isolation, and for many that's been cooking. Whether you've spent time honing your baking skills or learning new recipes, it's a great way to pass time and also feel productive. Plus, we all have to eat after all!

K-pop idols are no different, and the best part is some of them share their creations online for you to try. Here's some recipes from K-pop idols you should try creating at home!

MAMAMOO Solar's yoghurt

There's liking yoghurt, and there's making your own strained Greek yoghurt by the bucket. Solar gives a very thorough insight into how she makes yoghurt, so you can too!

iKON Yunhyeong's jjamppong

This spicy Korean seafood noodle soup dish looks complicated but somehow Yunhyeong makes it look easy! Follow his concise directions and you'll be cooking up a storm.

BTS' chaotic avatar-style Korean cooking

Look, we wouldn't necessarily recommend the avatar method, but the recipes look delicious and if you play it in the background, you can pretend Jin or Suga are your personal cooking instructors!

Apink Bomi & Namjoo's spicy stir-fried pork wrap pizza

Yes, you read that correctly. This fusion creation is actually made from a meal prep kit Namjoo created. We're sure you can recreate it at home... but we honestly don't know what will happen when you do.

GOT7's quiet kimbap

Well, it's supposed to be quiet at least. GOT7 combined ASMR with cooking for this video where they make some inventive kimbap.

ASTRO Jin Jin's banana coffee

Get your hands on some Korean banana milk and combine it with instant coffee for this simple sweet treat!

NCT Dream Chenle's ramen

This creation is infamous with NCTzens, and there's plenty of YouTube videos of people recreating it. So why not give it a try yourself?

BLACKPINK's kimchi fried rice

Watch this video of them shopping for all the ingredients then cooking together, and if the food doesn't warm your heart their friendship will!

Which of these recipes will you be trying next?


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