Warning: you will yell at the screen
20 May 2020 - 10:54 AM  UPDATED 20 May 2020 - 10:54 AM

K-dramas evoke many emotions in us while watching: we've cried buckets over tragic deaths and sad romances, and laughed along to silly jokes and misunderstandings.

We've also yelled at the screen more than once while watching all manner of injustices take place in K-drama worlds. From corrupt figureheads to couples struggling against societal norms, we've raged at dramas wishing the plot would help the characters out a little!

There's of course also the shows where the villain is so diabolical, you can't help getting angrier the longer you watch. Here's five recent dramas we think will fire you up for a variety of reasons!

1. Itaewon Class

The relatable story of a guy who struggled through life to try to achieve his dream, being thwarted continuously by the upper class, every part of Park Saeroyi's story is infuriating to watch play out. From the unjust murder of his father to the rich guys winning time and time again, Itaewon Class highlights the sharp differences between the privileges afforded to the rich versus the working class. It also made Saeroyi's underdog story all the more captivating for audiences.

2. He Is Psychometric

Lee Ahn has to be one of the most tragic K-drama characters in recent tv history. His parents are killed in an arson attack, and he gains a power that allows him to see people's darkest secrets but that same power makes him unable to connect with people properly. As he seeks out justice for his parents' murder, he uncovers tragedies and learns the people closest to him might not be who they say they are. We won't give anything else away, but the plot twist in this one will fire you up but also make you cry.

3. Sky Castle

Are you ready to be angry?! Because this is absolutely the drama to channel indignant rage into, and for good reason. Sky Castle was a ratings hit in South Korea because it tapped into the very real issue of education eliticism, the corruption within it, and the unreasonable pressure on young people to achieve academically. You have stubborn adults, downright unethical teachers, and some of the most annoying students you could imagine. Highlighting class differences with high-key drama, you'll be hooked, but you'll be yelling.

4. Something In The Rain

This is a bit different to the aforementioned dramas. It's a slow burn romance, so you might not anticipate it firing you up, but the social issues it lays out are pretty frustrating to watch unfold. An older woman falls for her best friend's younger brother, and all hell breaks loose. Their age-gap goes against cultural norms, and they conduct their relationship in secret as a result. The increasing tension of them getting caught out, and the devastating fall out, will have you raging at archaic social expectations and wishing the couple can overcome everything.

5. Search WWW

It's hard being a woman in the corporate world, and Search WWW highlights this with its fascinating setting of search portal corporations. This drama led by three women showcases the contradictions in striving for professionalism in a male-dominated world: there's the pressure to strike the perfect balance between personal and work, while constantly being undermined. Whether it's coming from the higher-ups, government leaders out to ruin them, or the men they choose to allow into their lives, these women feel very real, and so their struggles are even more frustrating to watch.

What drama has fired you up recently?


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