Many Japanese artists are speaking out in support of the movement
4 Jun 2020 - 1:09 PM  UPDATED 4 Jun 2020 - 1:09 PM

Japanese artists have been showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement in social media posts, encouraging fans to educate themselves on the systemic racism black people are fighting against.

A number of Japanese celebrities have provided resources that are subtitled or translated into Japanese, with everyone from model Kiko Mizuhara to tennis player Naomi Osaka to rocker Miyavi sharing messages of support online.

Here's some examples of what celebrities are sharing for their Japanese fans to become informed. Kiko Mizuhara linked to a Japanese version of the Black Lives Matter website.

AAA member SKY-HI wrote about how R&B and hip-hop - genres founded by black people - influence his music greatly, and to not ignore the discrimination in Japan too.

Naomi Osaka was at the Los Angeles protest and called out those who appropriate black culture but don't show up when it counts.

Singer Minmi noted how music genres created by black people like R&B, soul and hip-hop have greatly influenced Japanese pop.

Singer-songwriter Crystal Kay encouraged fans to sign a petition demanding justice for George Floyd.

Miyavi spoke in solidarity with the movement in a Twitter post.

Rola posted a video to her Instagram stories of black men talking about police brutality which has been subtitled in Japanese. She's also posted a number of times on her Instagram in support of the movement.

Many celebrities have also shown their support by posting as part of #BlackOutTuesday on Instagram, including Naomi Watanabe and Thelma Aoyama who have also been sharing resources via their Instagram stories.


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