The two idols spoke out over the weekend regarding stalker fans
8 Jun 2020 - 10:18 AM  UPDATED 8 Jun 2020 - 10:18 AM

NCT's Haechan and Taeyong have addressed the issue of sasaengs in recent livestreams.

In a birthday VLive, Haechan spoke about their ongoing issue with sasaengs, also known as stalker fans, who have been waiting outside NCT 127's dorm. Pointing out that the sasaengs are often at NCT Dream's dorm too, he said that the group found it really stressful and hard to deal with. He also mentioned that the neighbours had been complaining to them a lot about it.

He pointed out that although they've asked the sasaengs directly to stop coming to their home, nothing has worked, and even in saying this on the live, he knew it wouldn't make a difference. He said: "It's weird to say, 'It's okay for us to feel uncomfortable.' We just want to be able to rest in our dorm and do things like hang out and eat together. It's hard for us when there are people who make us uncomfortable like that".

He was keen to point out that these people represented an extremely small group of their fans, emphasising that he loves interacting with fans when they approach for an autograph or photo while he's out. He said, "These people... are on a different level. Like I said before, I know they'll still come [despite me saying this], but I hope they don't feel good about it. I hope they know it's a shameful thing to do".

Watch Haechan's VLive below.

The following day, Taeyong also livestreamed from his bedroom. He addressed the sasaeng situation, saying that it makes all the members uncomfortable to have people following them and waiting outside their home. While they are grateful for receiving love from fans, the situation was getting out of hand, and could become dangerous as those waiting outside could be injured by cars around them. He asked for fans to support them while being respectful.

Watch his VLive below (he speaks about saesangs from approx 32 min mark)

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