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Favourite Asian Pop Track: Ahh tough question. Definitely a toss up between Jay Park “I like to Party” and Jay Park “Joah”. Talking about old school? Utada Hikaru First love (yeah..corny I know..Ninja’s like corny..) Did I mention I like Jay Park?

Favourite Asian Pop band: SISTAR had me at Anyong. Great soundtrack for popasia Ninja missions.

Favourite Anime Character: NARUTO! New episodes are quite epic and learning lots of magical powers I will….never be able to do….and in other news I was a big Evangelion fan and loved Rei Ayanami.

Favourite Asian Pop Star: Jayyyyyyy Chou, not only can he kick some butt as an action hero he’s music is down right awesome.

Favourite dance move:  GANG NAM STYLE… still makes me laugh till this day haha.

Favourite Food: When you are on the run what’s quick,  easy and really yummy?….. 2 minute noodes, korean Shim Ramyun. YUM!

Favourite Movie: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon… can’t go past lovely flying heroes.

Favourite guilty pleasure: Martial Arts, Ninjas, Fight Choreography, action and stunts!

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