Lee Lee


Favourite Asian Pop Track – Um... how does one even choose? It's so hard to pick a favourite but right now, I'm currently loving “Dope” by BTS. 

Favourite Asian Pop Band – Why must you torture me with these questions?!?! SHINee but DB5K will always hold a special place in my heart.

Favourite Anime Character – L from Death Note. 

Favourite Asian Pop Star – Onew. He can bust out hardcore SHINee choreography like it's nothing and yet somehow always trips over his own feet just walking down the street. Such a dork but so talented. 

Favourite Dance Move – What I call "The Lucifer Spazz" - basically making your body shake as though you've been zapped. 

 Here's my attempt of looking like I just got electrocuted by SHINee feels.

Favourite Food – Ice Cream. Especially black sesame, green tea, coconut, chocolate, salted caramel, cookies and cream, pistachio and hazelnut. I scream, you scream, gimme gimme that ice cream. *fists pumps up in the air like Red Velvet*

Favourite Movie – Rush Hour. The first Jackie Chan movie I ever watched. Still makes me laugh. 

Favourite Guilty Pleasure – Binge marathons of Asian dramas. The real reason behind my panda eye bags.

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An unexpected cross-over!
Some familiar names have popped up on a recent episode of the U.S. crime series NCIS. Zico and iKON's B.I were both mentioned during a scene on the show. Check it out! I had to rewind when she said "Zico and BI are more my vice"!! -NCIS on...
Keep 'em Epik collabs coming.
BTS' Suga and Epik High will once again reunite! Tablo revealed on Twitter that the BTS member would be part of a full platter of collaborators set to feature on Epik High's upcoming album, Sleepless In ________.  Other artists include Cru...
The boys are loving STRAYa.
Looks like Stray Kids have been making the most of their stay (no pun intended) Down Under. The boys managed to fit in a mini-holiday whilst here for their UNVEIL 'I am...' concert tour. Check out their Instagram snaps of the local sights ...
When your universes collide.
Looks like we weren't the only ones impressed by Girls' Generation member Sunny's Nagini costume for the SMTOWN Wonderland Halloween bash. J.K. Rowling has joined the club! A fan from New Zealand tweeted to the Harry Potter author about Su...
It's gonna be fire!
BTS' RM and Tiger JK will once again reunite! The BTS leader will reportedly feature as a rapper on Drunken Tiger's upcoming 10th and final studio album, set to drop on November 14. The new release will also coincide with the hip-hop legen...