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Favourite Asian Pop Track -  B1A4 Beautiful Target. This song has been stuck in my head since it was released and I’m still not sick of it. zoom zoom

Favourite Asian Pop Band - SHINee. Or UKISS. I can’t decide. SHINee are awesome, but UKISS were great fun when we got to interview them.

Favourite Anime Character - The castle from Howl’s Moving Castle?

Favourite Asian Pop Star - Kyary PamyuPamyu coz she’s so kooky – and I think it’d be so much fun to come up with the things she wears in her MVs. I also really like Leehom Wang’s music & he was incredible in concert in Sydney.

Favourite Dance Move – I try and avoid dancing as anyone who’s watched the studio webcam would know.

Favourite Food - I could never choose just one dish. My fav at sushi train is seaweed salad, and I love bibimbap, and a fresh fruit smoothie, and my mum’s rolladen with saukraut (mum’s from Germany)

Favourite Movie - Who writes these questions? This is hard! Um… Toy Story 3?? Who didn’t get at least a bit scared when they were in that incinerator?

Favourite Guilty Pleasure - Letting my dog sleep on the beanbag with me.

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I am going to pen an ode to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. An "acrostic" ode...
After much google-netting staring out rain-streamed windows, I managed to pen this short ode to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and in step, my argument as to why she should have been included in our "Vote for the king & queen of Asian pop" poll.  K...
Find out what you need to plan for if you're a VIP, Shawol, Blackjack or more!
2014 is already shaping up to be one of the most cray cray years for Asian pop. Especially considering the k-pop, c-pop, t-pop, j-pop, pop-pop craze is filtering it's way onto the international stage more and more with every hit, garnering...
It's my birthday today and some SBS PopAsia fans sent me a special video message...
Thanks so much to SBS PopAsia fans Ramune & Julia for sending me this special birthday video surprise! I've never looked so good! :P   See more of Jamaica and my adventures in Seoul... we went on G.NA watch!
Before the video cameras arrived, Crayon Pop had an awesome time backstage in our studio - they almost stole some toys!
Another week, another Asian pop group dancing their way through the PopAsia Studios.  After Crayon Pop’s amazing performance with some PopAsians and Justice Crew, the girls came by the radio studio to sign our wall. On their way out, we n...
If you were to go on a fantasy holiday, do you think it would end up like this?
Jamaica flew off to Hanoi this week with Justice Crew to host the Asia Pacific Broadcast Union (ABU) TV Song Festival.  JC are representing Australia, Japan’s being represented by May’n and SISTAR are flying the flag for South Korea.  That...