Pop! Weekend on SBS 2

Pop! Weekend is coming to SBS2, October 2-4. All Asian pop culture entertainment!

Pop! Weekend on SBS 2 is so packed full of amazing Asian entertainment we thought you might miss some... so we put it all On Demand for you! Catch up on your favourite...
Everyone needs good advice from time to time.
Come with me now, on an adventure through time, space and the second dimension to answer the big questions - what even is life and how do we human?
Our shortlist of the best movies from Asian cinema.
Take a look inside the animation studio that brought you "Space Dandy", soon to be aired on SBS 2!

What shows do we have in store...

Pop! Weekend is hitting your TVs October 2-4, there is no escape! Find out what's on offer... 

You might have heard we're bringing more Asian entertainment to SBS 2. Help us choose what to program and win!
You probably know some of these, but no matter, we're here to celebrate the BIGBANG leader's birthday!
What were they thinking? Best of Asian pop stars' product endorsements.
So, you're a fan of Chinese dating show "If You Are The One", but can you cut is as a contestant? Find out!
This quiz will show you definitively which BIGBANG member you dance like