C-Clown's Rome is hosting his own all-kpop radio show all the way from the his South Korean studios...

Rome's K-Wave radio is live 7pm (AEST) every Thursday.

How to listen

SBS PopAsia is streaming live 24/7 on digital radio. Catch Rome's radio show the K-Wave at 7pm (AEST) every Thursday

Rome's radio show will also be repeated at these times:

If you're not sure of the comparible time in your home town, use this world clock converter.



PopAsia Time

International Time

Monday Midday


Monday 4am

Sun 7pm London, 8pm Rome

Wed 4pm

Wed 7am London

Saturday 10am

Sat 9am Seoul, 8am Manilla

Sunday 3pm

Sun 1pm Manilla, 7am Rome


Thursday 19 Feb 2015
What do idols get up to over Lunar New Year? C-Clown's Rome gives you the lowdown...
C-Clown's Rome has taken time out of his own holiday to tell you all about Lunar New Year in Korea and what he gets up to:Most Korean's visit their families, relax and take a few days offRome actually spent his last 5 LNYs in Korea... aloneHe used...
Friday 6 Feb 2015
Did we say Rome had finished up with his radio show? We lied! Best.lie.ever. He's back for one final show...
C-Clown's Rome is back for the second part of his "favourites" special. We know we said it was his final show before (maybe twice) but he just keeps doing shows. Oppa you work so hard!!!Here's what Rome has for you this week: - Rome talks his...
Sunday 18 Jan 2015
Rome put together one last special for us! If you don't know him well enough now - this last podcast will do it!
Rome is back for one last show! This one is all about him so we can get to know him even better.  Find out:How Rome got into musicRome’s... heavy metal band?Rome talks about being on a music/orchestra program TV show in Korea + working with...
Monday 29 Dec 2014
If you're missing the fun of Christmas, Rome us here to cheer you up!
C-Clown's Rome decided to give you crowns one last Christmas show! To be honest, I think he is missing his Christmases in Australia so you can keep him company by tuning in. Hit the audio tab above ^ to listen Rome's K-Wave radio is...
Sunday 30 Nov 2014
Rome has a special guest! Amber from (fX) comes on the K-Wave!
Rome has braces! Dentist says his teeth will be a bit straighter but his bunny teeth will still remain - PHEW!Rome also weighs in on Girls' Generation's Jessica leaving & wishes her well – get the idol perspective on the issue.Rome’s Week:Rome...
Thursday 20 Nov 2014
It's Rome's final show for the season! He brings in some of his BBFs to help celebrate.
It's Rome's final show of the season! Nooooooooooo. Lucky he covers off a lot of fun stuff this week. - Find out who Rome would invite to dinner, if he could invite anyone from history. - Find out which characters from Shrek the C-Clown...
Friday 7 Nov 2014
On SBSPopAsia Radio's K-Wave Rome from C-Clown shares his tips for getting over stage fright and what's the meaning behind his shoulder tattoo?
On SBS PopAsia radio's K-Wave with C-Clown's Rome tonight @ 7pm (AEDT), Rome answers your questions about whether he would prefer a celebrity or non-celebrity girlfriend.Plus, he gives us some tips for overcoming stage fright and how to...
Monday 3 Nov 2014
On SBS PopAsia radio's K-Wave tonight join C-Clown Rome as he tells us what happened when he snuck out of the hotel!
On SBS PopAsia radio's K-Wave with C-Clown's Rome tonight @ 7pm (AEDT), Rome answers your questions about how many children he wants to have!Plus, he gives us some tips for filming and video editting (pretty handy if you're entering the...