Joe is a YouTube star who specialises in K-Pop (and food). He hosts the DatJoeDoe Show on SBS PopAsia that's all about old skool K-Pop classics.

You know Joe – from our MyChonny Podcast? Well, we’ve got some exciting news about him...

He’s going to be hosting his very own show on SBS PopAsia radio every Thursday at 8pm! His show is called Dat Joe Doe Show and he will be playing old school K-Pop classics every week.

Catch Joe's SBS PopAsia radio show "DatJoeDoe Show" every Thursday @ 8PM AEST 

How to listen

SBS PopAsia is streaming live 24/7 on digital radio. Catch Joe in the K-pop Studio at 8pm (AEST) every Thursday.

  • Listen live on tablet or mobile via the SBS PopAsia App.
  • Listen on your computer via the SBS PopAsia homepage.
  • Listen on DAB digital radio
  • Don't worry if you miss a show, you can listen later - on ctach-up - from the SBS PopAsia App 

Let’s get to know a little more about Joe before we settle in with him every Thursday night! 

Favourite K-Pop group

It’s got to be BIGBANG. BANG! BANG! BANG! They were the very first K-Pop group I ever listened to so the love is strong there. 

Favourite K-Pop song

Wow. That’s tough. I’d have to go with INFINITE’s 'The Chaser.’ It just gets me so pumped every time I hear it. I even know the dance moves off by heart! 

Favourite K-Pop star

It’s always been G-Dragon. Everything he touches turns to gold. I think I’d faint if I ever met him.

Most excited to be talking about on the Dat Joe Doe Show 

Everything! I plan on covering a wide range of topics so you’ll never know what you’re going to get next. It’s going to be crazy! 

Thoughts on BTS' new album 'Wings’ 

I’ve seen the music video; my jaw dropped like everyone else’s. It’s good to know the future of K-Pop is in such good hands. 

Go-to karaoke choice 

Listen. I have no vocal talent whatsoever but at karaoke I go wild. My go-to choice would be 'Fantastic Baby’ by BIGBANG. When we sing it you can hear us from all the way down the street. 

An interesting fact about you that not many people know

I’m a halfie. My dad is Filipino and my mum is Italian which means I eat a lot of pasta and rice!

Asian Pop excites you because…

Asian Pop just does everything better. There’s extremely talented singers, ridiculously good dancers, epic music videos, passionate fans. I could write an essay on this.

Most played songs on your pop playlist

Let’s check iTunes. Okay. So my top three most played currently are:

1. Bang Bang Bang - BIGBANG

2. Fire - BTS

3. Gee - SNSD

There must be some kind of mistake about the third one LOL

Final message

I hope you guys tune into the podcast it’s going to be a whole lot of fun! :)