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Hello PopAsians~~~ get ready for kawaii happiness overdose~~ kyaaaaa!!!! 

Your favourite cross-dressing, pro-wrestling J-rocker from Down Under is here for all you J-pop, J-rock and kawaii news.



On the latest episode of Ladybeard's Kawaii Konnection: 

Ladybeard comes to you from the Haneda airport you do. What happened to Ladybeard's suitcase?! 

Episode 1

It's a dream within a dream- and it begins! Get ready for the most kawaii show on the radio! 

Episode 2

Ladybeard is back in Japan! He also reviews Perfume's new movie! What was it like meeting the SNH48 girls?  

Episode 3

In Japan, everyone's a "perfect human" right now. Ladybeard tells us what it means. 

Episode 4 

Who's released a new MV? Which artists were represented at SXSW?!  

Episode 5

Why do bands name themselves Bump of Chicken, Rottengraffty and Kiss My Feet 2? Why?! Are some of these bands worth checking out? 

Episode 6

Ladybeard went on Spring break ... kinda! It was in Taiwan and it was awesome to meet a whole different crowd!

Episode 7 

The time has come for Ladybeard's first 1-man live!!!! Ladybeard is super excited. When is it? where? What will Ladybeard wear?! 

Episode 8

Ladybaby had a motherloving weekend of non-stop shows! From Shinjuku to Hong Kong, Oh and Ladybeard lost his voice XD  

Episode 9

Ladybeard was at a drag convention in Texas and he was surprised by the reception he got! 

Episode 10 

This week, fellow foreigner artist SEIKE from rock band KERBERA joins Ladybeard! 

Episode 11 

Looks like Ladybeard's got a new hobby >< Not something he normally does but YOLO! 

Episode 12 

Ladybeard has something to say about Rob Zombie-BABYMETAL controversy!    

Episode 13 

Meet  Shiina Pikarin, a one-woman BABYMETAL! Plus, is Beijing ready for Ladybeard?! 

Episode 14 

There is now a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu train. Babymetal is touring! 

Episode 15 

Ladybeard faces his fears (& yours) and helps Andy Trieu get his kawaii~~~ on for the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu show!

Episode 16 

How did Ladybeard get his lucky break & how can you become an international sensation like him?

Episode 17

Ladybear wrestled and had a shoot for his very own calendar!

Episode 18

Ladybeard rocked it on stage with Shiori Tomita then hit the clubs!

Episode 19

From Paris to Costa Rica! Why is Ladybeard trotting all over the globe?

Episode 20 

Ladybeard comes to you from the Haneda airport you do. What happened to Ladybeard's suitcase?! 

Episode 21

The last ever Kawaii Konnection, but it's not the end of Ladybeard!   


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Thursday 4 Aug 2016
This is Ladybeard's last Kawaii Konnection radio show ever.....
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Ladybeard was in Paris & Costa Rica!
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Ladybeard was in Paris! Find out why!
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Thursday 7 Jul 2016
Ladybeard is now a calendar lady!
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Tuesday 28 Jun 2016
Ladybeard is taking on some epic adventures!
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Tuesday 21 Jun 2016
Ask Ladybeard anything >< Uhoh.
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Can Ladybeard help Andy Trieu be kawaii for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's show?
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Ladybeard was in Bali!
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