One Way's Peter Hyun is an Aussie K-pop star and producer to the stars. If you love music, you'll love his show.

What makes a great song? What is it like working in the K-pop industry? K-pop producer Peter Hyun spares us no details as he delivers his 2 cents on all things music! 

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Friday 3 Feb 2017
This week, Peter and Sky spill some interesting secrets about their latest single "Broken"!
Have you heard One Way's "Broken" yet?Listen right here:[mp3 url="" name="SBS PopAsia - The K-pop Studio with Peter Hyun – February 2, 2017 Podcast" description=""]Peter is joined by his One...
Friday 23 Dec 2016
What songs did Peter pick as the best from this year?
What were Peter's favourite songs of 2016?Listen right here:[mp3 url="" name="SBS PopAsia - The K-Pop Studio with Peter Hyun - December 22, 2016" description=""]I.O.I - ‘Dream Girls’ -...
Thursday 22 Dec 2016
What songs did Peter pick as the best from this year?
Peter shares his thoughts on which songs will define 2016 plus gives his tips to songwriters, on how to get your music out there.[mp3 url="" name="SBS PopAsia - The K-Pop Studio with Peter...
Friday 9 Dec 2016
So what did Peter think about the 2016 MAMAs?
What are Peter's thoughts about the 2016 MAMAs and Winter ballads this week?The 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards were on recently - from other things going on in Korea to Twitter beefs, this year's show wasn't particularly successful.This...
Thursday 8 Dec 2016
Peter's good friend and fellow One Way member Sky stops by for a nice chat about the group's situation these past few months and their comeback!
So what do Peter (and Sky) have to talk about this week?Currently working on a song with FNC Entertainment - Who is the artist?Christmas is a month away - and decorations are everywhere! Special Guest: Sky from One Way!One...
Thursday 24 Nov 2016
From new K-pop music to tips for your voice and music production, it's an informative K-pop Studio this week from Peter!
So what words of wisdom does Peter have for us this week?Peter visited a music distribution company and learned something very interesting - 500 new K-pop songs released every day!New music - Peter reviews new songs by GIRIBOY, Geeks,...
Thursday 17 Nov 2016
From a big comeback announcement & new music releases to entertainment audition tips, Peter has a lot to talk about this week!
So new music news does Peter have this week?Oneway officially coming back - New single "Vibes" coming out November 23!New releases from Loco, Boni, and SISTAR's Hyolyn!School break = Entertainment auditions and...
Thursday 10 Nov 2016
This week on the K-pop studio, Peter takes us through some songs for girls to "turn up" to!
So which songs does Peter think will get girls all hyped up?Halloween in Seoul - Lots of Suicide Squad costumes, especially Harley Quinn!Tonight's theme - Songs for girls to "turn up" to ("turn up" = get hyped up, build confidence and...