One Way's Peter Hyun is an Aussie K-pop star and producer to the stars. If you love music, you'll love his show.

What makes a great song? What is it like working in the K-pop industry? K-pop producer Peter Hyun spares us no details as he delivers his 2 cents on all things music! 

Catch Peter Hyun's PopAsia radio show "K-Pop Studio" every Thursday @ 10PM (AEST)

How to listen

SBS PopAsia is streaming live 24/7 on digital radio. Catch Peter's radio show the K-Pop Studio at 9pm (AEST) every Thursday.

Friday 4 Nov 2016
This week on the K-pop studio, Peter has a very special guest in for a chat - it's well-known rapper and producer Kero One!
So what do Peter and Kero One chat about?Special Guest - rapper and producer Kero One!From San Francisco - discovered hip-hop at a club and just fell in love!Early days consisted of rapping over instrumentals on hip-hop vinyl B...
Thursday 27 Oct 2016
This week on the K-pop studio, Peter talks about the transition from underground K-pop artist to mainstream K-pop artist!
What are Peter's thoughts on underground and mainstream K-pop?This week's theme - Underground to MainstreamUnderground or "indie" music generally don't associate with commercialised music - generally more "character" in the music!Big 2016...
Thursday 20 Oct 2016
This week, Peter talks about BTS' new album & some of K-pop's late bloomers!
Who does Peter think about BTS' new album and who are some of K-pop's late bloomers?Super Junior-D&E are out of the army next August - and Peter is excited about it!Big week for music - BTS dropped their new album "WINGS"!This...
Thursday 13 Oct 2016
This week, Peter takes us through some of K-pop's ultimate collaborations!
Which collaborations should you listen to?This week's theme - Ultimate collaborationsLots of great pairings such as Ailee + Yoon Mi-rae, and Soyou + JunggigoSome interesting collaborations between rival companies,...
Thursday 6 Oct 2016
It's Springtime and Peter is here to give out his song recommendations for the season!
So what should you listen to this Spring?This week's theme - "Just in time for Spring"!Spring & Autumn in Korea = cherry blossoms and acoustic music, meaning certain artists will prosper during the season.Since it's mainly acoustic music, the...
Thursday 29 Sep 2016
This week, Peter gives out his K-pop recommendations to new K-pop fans!
Want to introduce your fans to K-pop? Peter is here to help!Tonight's theme - K-pop songs you would introduce to your friends!B.A.P's "Feel So Good" - a song Peter was a part of!Fans of vocalists? Listen to Brown Eyed Soul's "My Everything"...
Thursday 22 Sep 2016
This week, Peter takes a look at some of K-pop's most successful & influential male artists!
So what does Peter have to say about the big boys of K-pop?It's Chuseok in Korea - that means lots of family time!Team One Sound have completed a few new songs - could there be a female artist collaboration in the works?Tonight's theme -...
Thursday 15 Sep 2016
It's all about Girl Power this week as Peter talks about some of K-pop's biggest female groups & artists!
It's all about the girls of K-pop this week!Big news - Peter & Sky are now out of their company! A One Way comeback is on the cards and on Peter & Sky's own terms!Tonight's theme - Girl PowerS.E.S & Fin.K...