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Monday 24 Oct 2016
From going on a rural Japan train adventure to visiting a traditional Edo town and getting swept up in the Final Fantasy craze, Simon & Martina have had a busy week!
So what have Simon and Martina been up to this week in Japan?Big rural Japan train adventure - train culture is quite a big thing in Japan!Simon talks about the "greatest train station in the history of train stations" - station master is a...
Monday 17 Oct 2016
Simon & Martina are back from Hawaii - so what did they get up to over there?
What Hawaiian shenanigians did Simon and Martina get up to?Back from Hawaii - not as relaxing as expected!Always got Korean taxi drivers in Hawaii (for some reason) - mixed bag of personalities!Lots of Hawaiian food - Asian cuisine...
Monday 10 Oct 2016
Have Simon & Martina stumbled across the next "Gangnam Style"?
From cars and taxis to typhoons and Gangnam Style, there's a lot to cover this week on Eat Your Kimichi!Next level mosquitos - dodging water droplets and biting you in all conditions!The next "Gangnam Style"? The duo think it's Piko Taro's ...
Monday 3 Oct 2016
From wasting rice and mascots to so-called 'inspirational' TV programs, Simon and Martina cover a lot of ground this week!
What has gotten Simon and Martina's feathers ruffled this week?Worrying wasteful trend coming up in Japan - low-carb dieters going to sushi train restaurants and wasting all the rice!Time for Japan's Annual Greatest Mascot Contest! This year...
Monday 26 Sep 2016
Lots about Japanese workers (and capsule toys) this week from Simon and Martina!
So what's on the cards this week?Japan has a relationship problem - lots of single young Japanese workers who have never had a serious relationship!Lack of Japanese couples = slowly growing population crisis in Japan!Japanese working hours...
Monday 19 Sep 2016
Simon & Martina are back from their big North American trip!
So what did Simon and Martina get up to over in America?Had to remove their house carpet as soon as they got back because Spudgy the dog peed on it!Just got back from their North American trip!Flights aren't fun at all - Jetlag, annoying...
Monday 12 Sep 2016
Japanese & Korean public surveys are quite different - as Simon & Martina found out this week!
So what has got Simon and Martina's attention this week? The duo found a funny Japanese online survey!Apparently men aged 20-29 are quite hurt by a number of comments from their wives - such as "Earn more money!" and "You stink!"!Next up...
Monday 5 Sep 2016
From Korean Liberation Day controversies to upset YG fans, there's a lot to talk about this week!
So what has got netizens upset in the past week or so?Girls' Generation's Tiffany posted up a Japanese flag on Korean Liberation Day - and it sparked a major uproar from Korean fans!Poor Tiffany copped a heap of backlash and...