Pose Cam Gallery

To accompany Life Drawing Live (UK) on Saturday 18 July, scroll through the gallery of the life model poses and draw along at home. All poses are inspired by classical works of art. (The poses will contain varying degrees of nudity.)  

Sharpen those pencils, we're back for more 'Life Drawing Live'

It's time to refine those skills, with 'Life Drawing Live' (UK), Saturdays in July. 

There's more life in those drawings yet: we're back for more Life Drawing Live (11 and 18 July).
You don't need art training, or even a model, to try your hand at life drawing.

What a show!

  • Thank you to everyone who participated during the live broadcast on 4 July
  • Pose Cam is no longer available 
  • Life Drawing Live is now available for catch-up streaming at SBS On Demand 
  • Watch Life Drawing Live (UK), presented by artist Josie d’Arby, on Saturday 11 and 18 July at 8.30pm on SBS
Let's look at your submissions form home.
Everything you need to know about how to draw along at home, and send your artwork to SBS Life Drawing Live.
Everything you need to know about SBS's two-hour life drawing class on Saturday 4 July. Here's all the ways you can watch the live show, and draw along at home.
Amateur artists Adam Liaw, Claudia Karvan, Susie Youssef and Hunter Page-Lochard will join host Rove McManus in Australia’s biggest life drawing class, live on...
You don't need art training, or even a model, to try your hand at life drawing.
Rove shares his lifelong passion for the pencil, as he gets set to lead the nation in an ambitious life drawing class, live on TV.

Strike a pose

Meet the people inspiring the artists

You don't need art training, or even a model, to try your hand at life drawing.
"I said to myself ‘Just give it a shot!’ Once I stepped on the platform and started posing, the nervousness just disappeared."
Yolanda Frost is comfortable in her own skin. The musician and artist, who will appear on SBS’s 'Life Drawing Live', talks to Kylie Boltin about the theatricality...
"It became a kind of exposure therapy, to encourage me to get used to myself, double chin and all. I found I didn’t need any hacks, because I liked my look just...
It was one thing to drop the robe, but afterwards I got to see myself through other people’s eyes.

The power of art

The many ways art changes lives - and life changes art. 

From sound healing with didgeridoo to art therapy for disabled people, Aboriginal art is proving a powerful tool for helping Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians
Creative therapies allow people with dementia to express joy and sadness through painting, dance, music and drama, writes this expert.
Having small children has cured me of artistic perfectionism. If I want perfection, then I will never create anything.