• EPISODE TWO The Jewel of ArabiaPicture Shows: On the border of Oman and Yemen, the spectacular Dhofar coast is home to more wildlife than the rest of Arabian peninsula combined. Moisture from the Indian Ocean allows palm trees to grow along tropical beaches. (BBC)Source: BBC
Arabia is a breathtaking mix of deserts, seas, mystery and romance. This beautiful series reveals the surprising connections between the nature, people, landscape and history of this little-known kingdom.
29 Sep 2015 - 10:30 AM  UPDATED 1 Oct 2015 - 11:46 AM

Arabia is a land of dramatic and varied geology and landscape, rich with extraordinary wildlife, wrapped up in ancient cultures and a remarkable history. The crossroads of three continents, Arabia was the trade hub of the ancient world, its ports thronged with ocean-going dhows. It is a world of breathtaking beauty – sculptural sand dunes sweep across a vast empty quarter of endless horizons still patrolled by Bedouin camel trains and elegant white gazelles.

Much of this vast region has remained unknown to the outside world until now… With unique, extensive and privileged access, this ground-breaking mini-series moves between the vast scale of Arabia’s astonishing landscapes and the colourful creatures and remarkable people who have made this region their home.

Three programmes look at Arabia’s past, present and future. Sun, Sand and Stars delves into the ancient mysteries of the Arabian deserts. Mountains of the Monsoon follows animals living in the mountains and
their quest for water. Changing Arabia focuses on the shifting relationship between man and nature and a
remarkable vision of the post-oil Arabian landscape.

This is a definitive journey through Arabia, bringing to the screens some of the least visited and most extreme
environments on Earth, from the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia to the coastal mountains of Oman, the lush
forests of Yemen to the warm waters of the Gulf Sea.

But as new wealth floods into the area, the relationship between nature and technology is changing faster than
ever. Wildlife stories and landscapes are set against the background of rapid social and cultural change –
from the ancient holy city of Mecca to the ultra-modern cityscapes of the Arabian Gulf.

Wild Arabia airs 7.30pm, Saturday on SBS.