Husband and wife, Sam and Mouna are both gay but can never come out to their parents, so they married each other for convenience. They are living a lie but they are living it up!

19 Feb 2015 - 10:10 AM  UPDATED 19 Feb 2015 - 11:44 AM

Mouna and Sam, a young Arab-Australian husband and wife, are both gay but living in a marriage of convenience. Due to the traditions of their Lebanese heritage, coming out as gay to their parents, siblings and extended family, is simply not an option. Thus, they live a lie but they live life to the fullest!

They are ‘out’ to one another, and ‘out’ to their closest friends, but still in the closet when it comes to their families and the wider Lebanese community.

Mouna and Sam deal with family pressure to have children, safe sex, and rebound relationships, orgy etiquette, homophobia, gay stereotyping, open relationships and the damaging power of gossip.

Watch the entire queer Arab-Australian web-series below. 


Season 1

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Episode 1: I Luv U But... I'm gay and I have to get married

Sam and Mouna are both gay but because they can never come out to their parents, they married each other for convience. These couples are all Australian by birth, but Lebanese for life. This is about culture, family and honour. 


Episode 2: I Luv U But... I Want The Big Room

Sam and Mouna move into their new house and find out what each other are really like. 


Episode 3: I Luv U But... You Gotta Get Out My Mother Is Coming! 

A marriage of convenience can be very inconvenient!  


Episode 4: I Luv You But... Do you have to wash his undies?

Sash wants Mouna to be her full time wife. 


Episode 5: I LUV U BUT... Get outta my bed!

Sam can finally invite boys home to his marital bed.  


Episode 6: I LUV U BUT... Be Quiet! I've got a date coming.

Love and sex are in the air. 


Episode 7: I LUV U BUT... Did you have to get married Cuz?

Sam's gay cousin is here from Lebanon and doesn't understand why Sam had to go through with the wedding. 


Episode 8: I LUV U BUT... Please have children before I die.

Mouna's mum is so desperate for her to have children she brings out her secret weapon.  


Episode 9: I LUV U BUT... You can't go out dressed like that.

Sam, Mouna and Sash go out to CLUB ARAK, a queer Arab dance party in Sydney... but its not only for the queer community.  


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