18 Jun 2015 - 11:07 PM  UPDATED 3 Jul 2015 - 11:34 AM

1. Lynne gets a lesson in double standards

Lynne is Peter’s former protégé turned boss and their relationship is somewhat complex. She has thrown the old ‘don’t screw the crew’ adage to the wind, and the Ambassador is here to remind her this is still a man’s world and that a different set of rules apply to women in their positions. Groan.


2. Detective Golan has never heard of the war tablet

And his uncle is not impressed. Given it holds the key to where the remaining stone is located, it is very important. As we now know, all the stones + breast plate + creepy 13yo kid who’s not touched the ground = temple mount being rebuilt and entire Arab world being mightily pissed off / imminent World War 3.


3.  You can scan velvet

Who knew?!  Apparently velvet lining makes for excellent imprinting, which is very handy for Peter and Golan, who are able to scan the imprint after Yusef Khalid strikes again and steals the heavily guarded war tablet. This also enables a wonderful montage scene as both parties simultaneously decipher the location of the final stone. And everyone loves a good montage scene.