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1. There’s political unrest in the Middle East

Lynn and her driver Nadav are caught up in a protest outside the US Consulate. Nadav later dies from his injuries and when Lynn returns home from hospital she hits an emotional low.



2. The fate of Peter’s daughter

We discover what happened to Peter’s daughter when he attempts to visit Lynn in hospital and is haunted by a flashback of his daughter’s suicide.



3. The price of faith

Yussef, his tasks completed, is asked by Rabbi Lev to make the ultimate sacrifice. His last words are “He’s coming”.


4. The symbol!

Peter finds the mysterious geometric symbol recorded in Emma’s journal. It’s also carved into the tunnels under the Old City. Then we discover that the compound in New Mexico is built to the same plan. It’s the Third Temple - the one the secret group want to build on the Temple Mount!