• SBS VICELAND is available in HD on free-to-air channel 31. (SBS)
Important information about SBS digital channels 31 and 32.
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6 May 2019 - 12:05 AM  UPDATED 12 Jun 2019 - 1:45 PM
  • Get ready for SBS World Movies on channel 32
  • How to keep watching SBS VICELAND from 18 June 2019


From Tuesday, 18 June 2019, viewers who currently access SBS VICELAND on channel 32 will need to switch over to channel 31 in order to continue watching the channel.

SBS VICELAND programs will continue to be available to watch on SBS On Demand.

This change is in preparation for the launch of SBS World Movies on channel 32.  SBS World Movies will be available to all Australians free-to-air and in HD on channel 32 from 1 July 2019.

We're launching a free-to-air movie channel: SBS World Movies
SBS World Movies free-to-air channel will bring world cinema to all Australians, all-day, every day, from July 1.

What is SBS World Movies?

SBS World Movies is a dedicated 24-hour channel bringing a world of cinema to all Australians for free and in HD from 1 July 2019.

The channel will feature movies reaching all corners of the globe, reflecting and celebrating the diversity of world cinema, with at least half of the titles in a language other than English.

SBS World Movies is an evolution of SBS’s long legacy as the home of distinctive and multilingual films, including close to 25 years of World Movies as an offering on subscription services. 


What is happening to SBS VICELAND on channel 32?

SBS VICELAND has previously been available on both channel 32 in Standard Definition (SD) and channel 31 in High Definition (HD). From Monday 17 June 2019, SBS VICELAND will no longer be broadcast on channel 32, but it will continue to be available on channel 31. Viewers who access SBS VICELAND on channel 32 will need to switch over to channel 31 in order to continue watching, or continue to watch SBS VICELAND programming on SBS On Demand.   

From Monday 1 July 2019, channel 32 (previously SBS VICELAND SD) will become SBS World Movies.


Is SBS axing any channels or services?

No. SBS is not ceasing any distinct channels – we are bringing Australians more choice with the launch of SBS World Movies free-to-air on channel 32, while continuing our existing services.


How can I access SBS VICELAND?

SBS VICELAND will continue broadcasting on channel 31 as normal. SBS VICELAND programming will also continue to be available on SBS On Demand.

Channel 31 is an HD channel and some viewers may need to retune their televisions in order to access it. If your TV is not HD MPEG-4 compatible, you can still access SBS VICELAND programming on SBS On Demand.


Are there any changes to programming on SBS VICELAND, including World Watch international news bulletins?

There are no changes to the SBS VICELAND schedule. All international news bulletins currently broadcast on SBS VICELAND.


Why did you have two SBS VICELAND channels? What’s the difference?

SBS previously broadcast SBS VICELAND in HD on channel 31, as well as in SD on channel 32. There was no difference in the schedule of programs.

From 1 July 2019, SBS will broadcast SBS World Movies on channel 32, bringing the channel to all Australians for free and in HD, with SBS VICELAND remaining on channel 31 in HD. 


Will SBS VICELAND and SBS World Movies be available on Foxtel?

SBS is in advanced discussions with Foxtel to continue the current retransmission of SBS VICELAND and secure retransmission of SBS World Movies


How are you making SBS World Movies available in HD if it’s currently an SD channel?

The current SD channel occupied by SBS VICELAND SD is delivered via MPEG-2 compression technology. SBS World Movies will be delivered via a more advanced compression technology called MPEG-4. This simply means by deploying a more efficient compression model, we are able to squeeze more in by dialing up the picture quality from SD to HD into the existing channel slot, leveraging technology to get the most out of the spectrum available to us.


Do I need to retune my television to access SBS World Movies?

Because SBS World Movies will be an HD channel, some viewers may be required to retune their televisions in order to receive it from 1 July 2019, even if they were previously able to access SBS VICELAND on the same channel number. Some digital TV equipment will automatically detect changes and your set may retune itself, or it may prompt you to retune in order to access the HD channel.


How do I retune to access SBS World Movies?

Should you need to retune, the following are basic instructions and not related to any specific set, model or brand. Menu descriptions and labels may vary depending on your equipment. 

  1. Press the “menu” or “home” button on your remote control to display the device control panel.
  2. Locate the “digital auto tuning” or “digital channel search” option.
  3. Select “start” or “search”. Retuning should then only take a few minutes.

If in doubt, consult the user manual of your television on how to retune your device or contact your television manufacturer.

If you require further assistance, you can also call SBS on 1800 500 727 during business hours.


Do I need a TV that supports HD MPEG-4 to receive SBS World Movies?
Yes. Because SBS World Movies is an HD channel, you will only be able to access it if your TV set is MPEG-4 and HD compatible.

Most televisions, set top boxes, personal video recorders or PC tuner cards purchased from 2009 onwards should be MPEG-4 compatible.

SBS World Movies programming will also be available on SBS On Demand.


I have retuned my TV and I still don’t have the HD channels – why?
If SBS World Movies is not airing from 1 July 2019, your television may not be HD MPEG-4 compatible. Please check with your TV manufacturer to see if it is HD MPEG-4 compatible.


Are there any other ways to watch SBS World Movies?

Yes - the majority of SBS World Movies content will be available to stream on SBS On Demand, for free and on the device of your choice.