The winner of The Voice 2019 is hoping to represent Australia in Rotterdam at the Eurovision Song Contest, with 'Can We Make Heaven'
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7 Feb 2020 - 2:02 PM  UPDATED 7 Feb 2020 - 2:02 PM

What made you want to step up for Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020? 
I think any of opportunity that we get now is valuable and important. The industry is harder than it used to be. It's different.

I see it as an opportunity to be seen and heard by more people, whether or not you go all the way either. This particular week is focused on artists actively being seen. So I think that's a very realistic thing, in this industry that we need to be seen and heard. You take all your chances.

Have you been a big Eurovision watcher throughout your life?
I've watched on and off. It depends on the timing and what I'm doing - as a singer your schedule can be all over the show. I think it's amazing, though, from what I have seen of it through the years. 

Tell us about the song, 'Can We Make Heaven'. What does it mean, to you? 
Like I wrote it with the producer song writer Louis Schoorl, a little while ago actually. And it is about creating light out of darkness: when we have challenges in front of us, then we can take that opportunity to grow and to learn. And the joy is discovering something new about yourself and that we have a choice where we go in life and how we respond to things that happen. It's really about that.

It's totally insane that the bridge has the word "smoke" in it after everything that the country has been through:

And somewhere above the smoke
We'll find air and we'll make it home
And all the fears that defined us, well
We can let them go
I know that we can make it

For me, as an asthmatic, It resonated with me back at the time, but now it's got a whole different meaning. And so, I'm grateful that at this point that I can feel like that resonates for me in the devastation that has happened, and for all of the people who came together at that time, and sacrificed so much. So it's about growth change and choosing to share light and give all the good stuff.

Can you give us some hints about how you'll perform the song? It's Eurovision, after all...
Let me see... I can say I'm in one spot, if that's a hint of a kind... [laughs]. I'm not jumping anywhere or flying anyway.  I don't know where I would want to be, but I'm in one spot. It's a pretty place. 

Have you had a chance to mingle with your fellow artists?
Not really. I think everyone is taking it seriously and they want to do their best. So hanging out, partying beforehand is probably not something I would do. There could have been some secret parties, that I don't know about, though!

But I'm boring beforehand and completely different afterwards. I'm two different people. It's hilarious. 

If Australia decides that it's you on Saturday night, what would representing Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest mean to you?
Well, it's a chance for me to be seen by a lot of people in different places, which is something that is always important. I mean, I lived in the States for seven years when I was younger and have always tried to broaden my audience and experiences. But as a Greek Australian, the part that makes me the most excited about it is that my dad's side is from Greece, Samos. And obviously, Sakis Rouvas has been there for Greece a few times, with the same name. It would be nice for me to go there and kind of represent the fact that Australia is very diverse in its culture and that we have come so far. We are a young country but we are made up of many different cultures and we accept a lot of cultures and make homes here from other places. Just like my grandparents did. So I'd be proud to represent that. 


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