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When we speak of a sports pay gap we generally think of elite athletes. But what happened at a small town's annual footrace highlighted the gender inequality rife across all sporting codes.

Melanie Tait was shocked to realise that the male winner of the Robertson Show Potato Race was being awarded five times the amount of the female winner’s prize money. So she raised enough funds to equal the prize money then wrote a hit stage play based on her experience, using comedy and storytelling to highlight the issue.

At the top end of town, Elizabeth Broderick – aka Australia’s Chief Feminist – is enlisting Australia’s most powerful male CEOs to use their influence to correct the power imbalance present in Australia’s workplaces and sporting fields.

The Few Who Do with CGU Insurance. Two hosts, one problem, two possibilities.

Featured Guests:

Melanie Tait, playwright

Elizabeth Broderick, Founder Male Champions of Change


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Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 21:33
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