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Including material from National Archives and uncovering unknown personal archives, Australia in Colour reveals our rich Indigenous and multicultural history, showing how each wave of migration impacted upon the previous one to make Australia what it is today. 

The stories that helped build our nation

Using a new, state of the art colourisation process, this unique 4 part series will inject new life into our precious black and white archives, transforming them into glorious colour for the first time. 

How we see ourselves has shifted and changed over the decades.
While white Australian women were given the vote in 1902, Indigenous women had to wait until 1962 for the same right.
The first women to attempt to swim the English Channel, Kellerman sent a powerful message about female autonomy, sexual freedom and choice.
Narrated by Hugo Weaving, this ground-breaking documentary series injects new life into black and white footage by transforming it into glorious colour for the...
Putting the greens and golds into black and white...