The author talks over seeing his novels brought to life on screen for Bosch

13 Jul 2015 - 10:23 PM  UPDATED 13 Jul 2015 - 10:23 PM

Can you tell us what is different from the books in this TV show?
In making the shift from page to screen (whatever screen that may be) we brought in a fair amount of changes to the world of Harry Bosch. First of all we wanted the story to be contemporary – L.A. right now – and yet we had stories going back twenty years about a character who ages in real time. We also had a character who had different romantic relationships, detective partners and supervisors along those twenty years, as well as a daughter who appears at some point. We also had a military history that would only work in L.A. right now if Harry was over 60 years old. So we picked and chose from all of those aspects from the books while creating a few new things as well. We built the first story/season from two of the books – City of Bones and The Concrete Blonde – as well as a short story called Cielo Azul.

The basic status of Harry in what we are filming is that he is 47 years old and a veteran of the first Gulf War in 1991, where he was part of a Special Forces team that cleared tunnels. He has now been a police officer for twenty years with a one year exception when he re-upped with the Army after 9/11, as many LAPD officers did. He came back to the force after serving in Afghanistan and again encountering tunnel warfare.

In Bosch, Harry is working at Hollywood Division on the homicide squad. His supervisor is Lt. Billets though Lt. Pounds is present in the story. His partner is Jerry Edgar and Deputy Chief Irvin Irving is an ominous presence in the story as well.

How are you involved?
My involvement in the pilot has been full time and I have approved everything we are doing every step of the way, including the casting of Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch. I think he is going to be perfect as he brings this character to life on screen…The show runner is Eric Overmyer, who has worked on shows ranging from Homicide: Life on the Streets to The Wire and Treme.

I am very excited about the prospects of this show…We have a tight script, a great cast and production team, and I am very confident we are making something all Harry Bosch fans (including myself!) will embrace.