Before you dive deep into the world of Harry Bosch, let's get to know the main players on the scene...

13 Jul 2015 - 1:27 PM  UPDATED 30 Jul 2015 - 10:16 AM


Titus Welliver is Hieronymous ‘Harry’ Bosch.
He’s the LAPD homicide detective who’s presence and intensity is undeniable. Bosch’s obsessive nature, unorthodox techniques and disregard for the chain of command have earned him a reputation on the force, and he’s been known to ruffle a few feathers. A veteran of the First Gulf War and the product of a troubled childhood, his is relentless when tasked with a case.



Annie Wersching is Julia Brasher.
She's the ex-laywer with a chip on her shoulder who figures the only way to fix things, is to take action. As the newest rookie on the police force, Brasher’s drive and tough nature have earned her a reputation similar to that of Bosch’s. Perhaps that is why she has captured his eye? A thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie, her own relentlessness could place her in dangerous situations.



Jamie Hector is Jerry Edgar 
There aren’t too many men who can talk sense into Bosch, but Jerry Edgar is one of them. Underneath his battle-scarred exterior lays a reasonable and resourceful detective that serves to temper Bosch's darker side. As a family man himself, Edgar often urges Bosch to become more involved in his daughter’s life.



Jason Gedrick is Raynard Waits.
With an unsettling darkness in his eyes, Waits is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. He has no legal identification to tie him to any place or time and a penchant for male prostitutes. He becomes fixated on Bosch, arguing that the two of them share a similar past - if only Bosch would let himself remember. As the LAPD races to understand Waits, he urges Bosch to look inside himself.



Amy Aquino is Lieutenant Grace Billets
No stranger to controversy, Billets may be tough as nails, but she always has her team's back. As commanding officer of the LAPD Hollywood Division's detective bureau, she couldn't care less about the obsession with protocol as long as the job gets done neatly and tidily, and serves as one of Bosch's closest friends, if he ever let anyone get that close.



Lance Reddick as Deputy Chief Irvin Irving
He’s the Deputy Chief who has no intention of remaining Deputy Chief for long. Undeniably ambitious, ever since he first took the position his sights were set on rising higher through the chain of command. Despite his distaste for Bosch’s lack of political tact, Irving views the veteran detective as a useful tool, for better or worse.

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